One of the hardest parts is to win a Godaddy auction. As there are quite a lot of domainers like you trying to get the same domain as you. Hence, you have to drop the right strategy, which can help you to get your domain. And to help you with this I am going to talk about the best way to win GoDaddy auctions.

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Best way to win GoDaddy auctions

Don’t Bid Early

You should never bid too early. Most of the people like to place a bid at the last moment. By bidding early, you will only let others know about your existence and your willingness to purchase the domain. So it is better to bid at the last moment and wait, so more people will not be able to know about your presence. And as a result, they might not bid a big amount for the domain.

One of the main reasons why people like to bud early is because they want to know what should be the ideal amount for a domain and what other people would pay for the domain name. And some might increase the domain price only. However, whatever is your reason, you should never bid early.

Don’t Refresh the Page

The second point would be not to refresh the page. If you are familiar with Godaddy auctions, then you already know the fact that if someone visits the domain page it will count as a viewer. And when you refresh the page multiple times, it will also get counted as the as a viewer.

And by doing so, you will make other domain owners believe that the domain is really worthy. Hence it is getting more and more views. As a result, those people will start bidding high. And on the other hand, it will be hard for you to win the domain name.

Choose Arbitrary Amounts

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that whenever you are placing a bid, make sure to avoid round numbers. As there will be another bidder, who would want to surpass you. And even they might end up doing so. As a result, you will lose the auction. For example, if you are bidding $100, then there will be someone who might bid $103 and get the chance to win the domain name.

Instead, if you are willing to spend $100, then you can make it about $106 or some odd numbers. Odd numbers are more likely to scare others. As a result, it will become possible for you to win the auction. sometimes GoDaddy put domain name on hold.

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Make sure not to bid as high amount as possible. There will be bloggers like you, who will be willing to spend a lot of bucks. But if they see that the domain bidding amount are less, then they might not bid as high as possible. In such scenarios, winning the domain name will be a tough thing for you.

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