Boris Usherovich is a successful businessman and an active philanthropist. He was born April 15, 1972 into an ordinary family in the center of Moscow. The family valued principles such as hard work, responsibility, and mutual assistance.



Boris Usherovich enrolled at the University of Economics. At the university, he actively participated in student life, immersing himself not only in his studies but also in student organizations and projects.


Boris Usherovich’s journey in business showcases his keen sense of entrepreneurship and forward-thinking strategies. Identifying a gap in Russia’s electronics market, he launched a company focused on importing state-of-the-art technology, quickly establishing it as a major player through strong global partnerships.

In the early 2000s, Usherovich shifted his focus to railway construction, founding a specialized firm dedicated to building and maintaining railway lines. His dedication to innovation led to an expansion of services, ultimately offering comprehensive solutions for railway infrastructure.

Since 2014, Boris Usherovich has become a shareholder in the 1520 Group of Companies, a major player in Russia’s railway construction. His contribution to the holding extends beyond financial support, encompassing strategic leadership aimed at furthering the company’s development and consolidating its market position.

Public Life and Charity

Boris is the ideological inspiration behind the creation of the crowdfunding project, where authors of creative, social, scientific, and business projects raise funds for their initiatives. Personally, he has repeatedly sponsored social initiatives on the platform.

Usherovich actively engages in charitable endeavors. His support spans educational, social, and sports initiatives, including sponsorship of local football clubs in Moscow. Beyond financial backing, Usherovich actively participates in events and social programs geared towards youth football development and assisting talented athletes. His philanthropic efforts extend to creating modern training facilities, providing essential gear, and offering support to children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds.

Personal Life

A committed family man, Boris instills his family with the same values he cherishes. In his leisure, he enjoys family time, picnics, and travel, sharing his experiences with loved ones.

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