There is no doubt that Godaddy is one of the top domain registrars out there. The company has customers from worldwide, and I am sure you are using the same service too. Also, whenever you register a domain, you get the option to register a domain for a year or more. Once, the domain is near to the expiry. You have to pay for the renewal and get the domain back.

However, in case if you fail to make the payment, Godaddy will start eh reclaiming process for the domain. And there are quite a lot of steps that this process includes. However, to make you understand in a better way, let me just walk you through the process:


How long does GoDaddy hold expired domains?

Domain Expiration Conditions

The first thing is the domain expiration conditions. By default, Godaddy’s domain is set on renew before it expires. So the customer does not have to lose their domain. However, to get this feature, you will have to provide your credit card details. So when the domain is near to the expiry date, Godaddy will renew the domain.

Even if you do not provide your credit card information, there is still a lot of chances. Godaddy will notify you by sending emails regarding your domain expirations. They will send about three emails notifying you. As well Godaddy will make three attempts to renew your domain. One on the first day, the second one on the 5th day and in the day there will be an attempt on the 12th day.

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GoDaddy’s Rules

There are some rules also included in the process. You need to know that fact that once the domain crosses the fifth day. The domain enters into the parked state. Do not worry, the domain name will still be on your name, and it will be under the Godaddy network only. But your content will no longer be available. And there is still a chance for you to get back your domain.

You can renew the domain till 19th day of expiration. However, by this time, you will need to pay an additional amount of $80 to get your domain back.

If the domain is not renewed back till 25th day, it will enter into the GoDaddy’s domain auction market. And then different bidders can place a bid and get the domain back. You can also try placing a bid if you want to get your domain back.

The Auction Process

From day 26, anyone can bid and claim the domain. The auction runs for 10 days. In between these days, no one places a bid or there are no backorders. Then the domain at day 36 moves to the five day closeout auction.  And by day 143 if there is no bid, then it will return back as a fresh domain; but here’s the best way to win it.

Recovering an Expired Domain

You can recover an expired domain from Godaddy up to 25 days. You will find all the options from your Godaddy dashboard only. Simple login to your account and go to your Expired domains section, and you will find all the details.


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