Nursing homes are meant to take care of your loved ones when they can’t take care of themselves, and family members do not have the time nor resources.

Even though it is a place that is supposed to take care of them, it can turn into a dangerous place if given negligible care.

Elders are more fragile and vulnerable, especially when they are away from family and those who care for long periods of time, unable to see the conditions and allowing it to become dangerous.

There are ways to spot and help prevent any danger from abuse in the nursing homes to help keep your loved ones safe below.


Look for Falls

There are 8 million severe falls from the older population annually. Even though they are common, they should still be seen as an indicator of elder abuse.

They indicate that the home is severely understaffed and cannot proficiently supervise the elders in the way their service ensures they can.

If your loved one has had a rib, hip, or femur injury, it may be one of the many indications that point towards fall. Falls are one of the many reasons to get a lawyer involved in an injury.


Looking for infections and how the staff treats those infections is a good indicator of how much cleaning and hygiene is taking place.


Dehydration and weight loss can indicate abuse and lack of care from not ensuring the proper nutrition for the elderly.

Often, the residents cannot get this food for themselves, so they rely on the staff to provide it.

This reliance is especially true for bedridden and Alzheimer’s patients who cannot reach food and water or cannot remember it.

General Mood

When you visit, and your family member seems different from what they used to be, there may be a sign of emotional abuse.

Depression in elders is common and may not be the staff’s fault, but they still do hold a big role in it and may be the cause.

Quiet When Staff Is Around

Spotting social cues in the nursing home can tip you off to an abusive relationship between your family member and the staff.

If they do not talk about what goes on in the facility or become quiet or have an instant shift of mood in the presence of a staff member, it can indicate abuse.

Asks You to Go Back Home

An easy sign to spot, which some may brush off as just nagging, is their loved one asking to leave or when they can go back home.

It may simply be a sign of affection, saying that they miss you, but it may also be them wanting to get out of a bad situation.

Constant Contact

You can constantly keep in contact in order to observe the situation and get information. If you cannot constantly visit, it is good practice to invest in smart devices and wearables.

These devices are best when constantly plugged into the wall and have voice commence and video ability.

By checking these and being around the nursing home, you will understand any shortfalls in their operations and get to know the staff better.

Notice Any Breaks in Protocols

By looking through the smart devices and reading the procedures for the nursing home, you can tell if the staff members are breaking any of those procedures.

You will be able to determine if the facility and staff are taking the right precautions like the right bed height, the number of staff on duty, cleaning, and the amount of food given.

Check Reviews

Checking reviews is a simple way to check for any past offenses.

There won’t always be the evidence to back it up, and you should have already checked. Still, it is always a good practice in order to stay informed.

There are a lot of red flags to look out for when considering if your loved one is being abused.

It is always important to constantly look for other red flags and stay vigilant while not thinking the worst of people.

It is also important to care for how your loved ones feel and try to give them the best home possible.

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