If you have a cat at home and have ever taken it to the grooming center then you could have seen how much effort they put in to get their work done effectively.

No wonder they charge a hefty amount to groom your pet. You would have noticed how messy your cat becomes if you ever miss the grooming session appointment, especially during summers.

But you can’t take your cat to the grooming center every time. You might not have a sufficient budget for that or might not have that much time to travel to the grooming center and spend another hour for a grooming session.

In this case, you can get familiar with some of the basics of grooming which would help you to take care of your cat at home itself at your convenient time without spending additional bucks.


Choose the Right Products and Tools

Getting the right products and tools for grooming will make your and your cat’s life much easier in terms of a grooming session.

You can get suitable products including clippers, brushes, and scissors depending upon the type of cat you have at the online stores such as https://www.petstock.com.au/.

You can also speak to your vet or the pet store assistant to choose the right products for your cat.

Have Patience

The very first thing that you would need to do is to prepare yourself.

Since you would be managing this on your own and you do not have experience of grooming the cat you need to have a lot of patience while dealing with it.

Your cat may act stubborn or might not respond to your instructions at the start of the grooming session but that should not result in giving up.

If you are getting anxious or nervous about the overall activity then your cat can sense it quickly and might not respond properly in return.

Hence take a good time to prepare yourself first and try to stay calm during the overall session. If you see your cat is behaving weird then you can take a break in between and then start again.

Create the Suitable Environment

You want your at-home grooming session to be relaxing for your cat as well. Hence make sure to create a suitable environment around it.

You can let your cat get used to the tools and accessories for some time before starting the grooming session.

If you try to restrain then it can develop anxiety in your cat about the overall situation. If your cat is not patient enough then you can give a favorite candy or treat to make him sit in one place.

This way you will be able to create the overall grooming session pleasing in all the ways.

Clip the Nails

Like human’s cats also need the clipping of nails regularly. You can try to clip its nails every 10 days to keep it trimmed. You can get suitable nail clippers from the nearest pet store as per your choice.

You will get the clippers in various sizes and shapes. You can choose the one depending upon how big your cat is.

You can also consider getting the guard which can help to protect the skin during the nail clipping to prevent the bleeding.

If you are not sure about how to clip the nails then you can check with your vet for the same.

Go Step by Step

Make sure to perform each step of the grooming at regular intervals rather than getting everything done in a single day.

You can keep one day for brushing, another day for shampooing, one day for clipping nails etc. Regular grooming would help to control the shedding of the fur and keep its coat looking best.

Avoid Products With a Strong Fragrance

Your cat has a different level of pH than you. Hence using regular bathing products can cause itching or dry skin.

Hence make sure to choose the right bathing products which are fragrance-free specially designed for cats.

If your cat is already facing any issues with the skin then make sure to check with the vet before choosing the grooming products for it.

Avoid Excessive Grooming

Like human’s cats do not require bathing or shampooing every day. Shampooing on a daily basis can strip natural oil from its coat and can cause dry as well as itchy skin.

Make sure to bathe him only when the coat gets dirty and follow up with the proper drying with the help of a towel.

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