Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, imagine the millions of words you can say with a compelling video.

The human brain is designed to process visual information better than text. Also, humans have a 90% efficiency when it comes to retaining visual information compared to 10% with text.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to use video production to enhance your brand.

It is not surprising that video production studios are becoming a major destination for businesses struggling to grow their brands.

Interestingly, video marketing dates back to the 1960s, when they were in the form of television commercials.

However, with the explosion of the Internet, video marketing has taken a different form.

Social sharing or networking platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and so on are making video content a staple in our lives.

Social network users are more likely to share or comment on a video than a long block of text.

Today, customers usually don’t have time to read lengthy product descriptions. But, if that content is presented in a video format, they wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes to view them.

Videos have the potential to capture the attention of prospective clients and keep them longer on your page.

However, with the explosion of video production studios in Melbourne, video content marketing strategies are changing rapidly.


How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Texts can easily be read out of context. However, with corporate video production, you will have the opportunity to tell prospective clients what your business is all about.

If you are offering a product or service, animated video production can help you to explain your product in ways that words never will.

Below are key ways a video production company can use a compelling video to enhance business branding efforts.

1. Create an Emotional Connection

Creating characters going through some form of stress or pain is a trend in video branding. These characters create an emotional connection with people going through similar stress or pain.

This emotional appeal increases the likelihood that the viewer will act. The level of emotional connection created by video ads is hard to replicate with other forms of business branding.

2. Boost Engagement

If a viewer finds a video interesting or entertaining, the first thing they will likely do is to share. Also, they will likely comment on the video if it pulls on several emotional strings.

According to studies, video posts on business pages on Facebook tend to boost engagement by 33%.

Businesses often leverage this to get their brands in front of the faces of more potential buyers.

3. Drive Traffic

Two to three decades ago, when someone was looking for a solution to a problem, they hit search engines like Google. Today, people prefer video tutorials to solve their problems.

Studies show that businesses can boost organic traffic by up to 157% by leveraging video marketing.

Many analysts agree that having videos on your landing page can push your website to the first page of Google search results. This is usually the goal of SEO strategists.

4. Helps Create a Community

A great corporate video production usually ends with a call to action. It will either tell the viewer to subscribe for more or share with their friends.

It is not surprising that videos top the list of shared contents on social media.

Creative videos can quickly go viral on the Internet in a matter of hours. Unlike texts, where you often need to be aggressive and direct, videos allow you to be creative.

In recent times, brand videos seek to amuse or entertain. Eventually, they get more shares and boost the popularity of the brand.

5. Great Return on Investment (ROI)

One key metric that every business must consider when planning a branding strategy is the return on investment.

Statistics show that eighty-three percent of businesses experienced better return on investment using videos when compared to other branding techniques.

Video production studios in Melbourne such as Creativa used to charge a premium for their services.

However, with technological advancements, the price of video production software is on the decline. Consequently, the cost of video production also sees a decline.

6. Boost Confidence and Trust

It is easier for people to trust your brand if it is built around live characters. For example, if you are advertising a skincare product, people want to see the before and after effects of your product.

Considering the increasing number of fraudsters on the Internet, you really won’t blame them.

Creating videos showing people (not images) talking about the effect of the product on them will help to boost trust.

Also, customers are usually biased when it comes to making purchases. They will likely stick with brands they trust for as long as possible.

However, sometimes, you need to take a break from trade and provide people with useful information.

This helps to create a long-term relationship and strengthen the already existing trust and confidence between your brand and customers.

7. Appeal to the Mobile Audience

Smartphone and mobile gadget users prefer video content because they are easier to watch on the go. Statistics show ninety percent of consumers use their mobile for watching videos.

Since 2013, mobile video consumption has grown by over three hundred percent. The proliferation of affordable smartphones is also working in favor of mobile-tailored content.

Therefore, every business aiming for a big break in their brand needs to incorporate videos into their strategy.

Pay Attention to These Four Factors When Planning to Create Video Content for Your Brand

The upfront fee for hiring a stellar video production company can be enormous.

Therefore, you need proper planning to ensure your business can fund your video branding strategy from start to finish. However, that is not all.

Here are crucial tips to keep in mind when using video production to enhance branding for your business.

1. Work With Your Budget

It is always a smart idea to work with your budget. Shooting and editing live videos can push up your cost. Therefore, consider using animated video production for your brand.

There are affordable tools you can use to make quick explanatory animations that will still appeal to your target audience.

As your budget grows, you can work with reputable video production studios to add professionalism to your brand.

2. Plan Your Content Before Shooting

The video production process—no matter how short—is usually hectic.

Therefore, you need to plan out everything ahead of time to avoid wasting your time. A checklist of all the factors you need to consider will include;

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Cast
  • Target audience

3. Make Channel-tailored Contents

There are different social and video sharing platforms. Each of these platforms works slightly differently. Some platforms have restrictions on the length of videos you can upload.

It is also important to mention that certain types of videos work better on some platforms. For example, YouTube is a better platform for how-to and educational videos.

Brand stories and emotional videos perform better on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, you need to decide on your target channel and make videos that will fit their rules.

4. Use Subtitles

Research shows that Facebook users watch up to 85% of videos without sound. Therefore, including a subtitle can improve the value of your video.

This is also a subtle way of creating a brand image that accommodates people with hearing impairment.

Tips to Creating Compelling Videos

A great script alone will not give you a video that drives engagement. According to 74% of marketers, videos generate more leads than blogs.

However, to achieve this, your video needs to be engaging. Below are tips you can use to pull that off.

  • Draw in your audience with a powerful and evocative introduction
  • Shorter business branding videos (60 seconds) perform better than longer ones
  • Your video formatting should be tailored to the target platform
  • Optimized your video search using appropriate keywords
  • Incorporate client testimonials
  • Consistently put out quality videos. Without quality, you will lose your audience. Also, you can only build long-term relationships with consistency
  • Put out unique and authentic videos
  • Include a call to action
  • Promote your video


The best video production will still fail at enhancing your brand if you fail to promote it. The Internet is like a crowd of people standing in several rows.

Perseverance and determination will get you to the front and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

However, when you are in the front row, you need inspiring and emotional videos to stand out from the crowd. In other words, you must match quality videos with adequate promotion.

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