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So, you have started your e-commerce business, and it is thriving well. However, you do not have a good shipping strategy yet. Do you know that this one mistake can cause hurdles in your business big time?

As a business owner, you need someone to care for your products until they reach your customers. To have that, you need to create a better shipping strategy. And one of the best strategies that most successful businesses use is Palletization.

Here are some truths about palletized shipping for your eCommerce Store:


What Is Palletization?

One of the essential packaging requirements in shipping is Palletization. In this process, they use Pallets. These are flat square structures utilized in cargo container ships. It consists of a material that is sturdy enough to hold many boxes.

Packages are piled up on top of these pallets. These pallets are made up of wood, plastic, or metal. They are sturdy enough to hold many packages on top of it. Unlike cardboard boxes or plastic wrappers, pallets are a much better alternative.  

After that, workers in the warehouse will use machines to move the packages while on the pallet. Some examples of these machines are forklifts and pallet jacks. It reduces the risk of breakage while being transported.

More and more business owners are trying Palletization. All of them are happy with all the benefits that they got from doing this process. It is why Palletization is becoming more and more popular in the industry as years pass by. This coming 2022, it is forecasted to reach more than it had this year.

Importance of Palletization

Now that we have discussed the meaning of Palletization and how it works, let’s now see its importance. Here are some of the reasons why you need palletized shipping for your e-commerce business:

Product Damage Protection

The first on the list is product damage protection. Have you experienced receiving damaged packages? It may be because of how the warehouse workers handle your package. Some of them often toss boxes without much consideration of their contents.

Have you ever experienced having a lost parcel? Unfortunately, having your packages shipped separately can increase the chance of them being lost. The reason behind this is that boxes often float around in different areas of the cargo hold.

Unlike with Palletization, you can avoid receiving damaged packages and having lost parcels. In addition, by storing your packages on pallets, they can keep everything off the ground. The use of pallets can also reduce the risk of damaging your products due to dirt, water, and debris.

A palletized shipment keeps all your packages all together as a large bundle. Thus, this allows you to get some rest easier. In addition, it makes you at ease that none of your packages is being mishandled or misplaced.

Storage Maximization

Next on the list is storage maximization. In Palletization, packages are piled up on a pallet and securely fastened together. Thus, pallets give more space for more parcels. The more packages you ship, the more money you save and earn at the same time.

Palletization makes the shipping process more manageable. From loading all the packages up to its shipping. The convenience it gives is tremendous. All the packages are placed in one location, making it easier to load and unload from the ship or plane.

Also, imagine how much space you can save if you do Palletization. From a certain number of boxes, you can stack more on top of it. This process increases the effectiveness of stacking, making the arrangement of packages more efficient.

But this does not apply to all packages. For example, some parcels may contain fragile items that need more attention in handling. Usually, you cannot stack these packages with other containers.

Though, using pallets is still advised with this kind of package. Pallets will protect the fragile items in the box. It will keep the boxes from the ground. It’ll help avoid damages it can get from its surroundings and the mishandling of warehouse workers.

Palletizing shipping can also help you if your packages are carrying perishable items. It can provide drainage and circulation to your products. Aside from that, it also gives you the feeling of security since you know that your products are being handled well, leaving you no worries at all.

Shipping Cost Reduction

The last on the list of reasons you should do palletized shipping is that it reduces the cost of shipping. The shipping fee differs on how far your package will travel from one location to another. The farther the location, the more expensive it gets.

But, it’s different with Palletization. Since your packages will be shipped all together as a large bundle, you will only have to pay the shipping fee of one pile. Unlike if you ship your packages separately, it may cost less for one box. But, if you compute every shipping fee of every package, it will cost more.

Also, the computation for the insurance of your packages will be different. It will be computed as a whole and not separately. Imagine how much it will cost if you pay for the insurance of each package shipped.

Pallets are sturdy enough to hold many packages on top of it, as mentioned earlier. Thus, the option to reuse it many times is there. But you should always check on your pallets.

Overusing it can cause damage to your business. Pallets repair and replacement are not costly as well. Just keep in mind to always check your pallets.

The pallets used in this process take up only a tiny amount of space. Also, it makes it easier to move from one place to another. The number of packages that can be stacked is also another thing to be amazed at. These factors make palletization cost less than the usual process.

Businesses that ship a lot of packages can save more if they do Palletization. We know that the shipping fee is also a part of the overall cost of their products. Thus, reducing it can give a better outcome for your business. You can lower your product’s price, and in turn, your company’s profit margin may increase as well.

These are some of the reasons why you need palletization shipping in your e-commerce business. Of course, there are more reasons out there to add to this list. But, these three reasons mentioned are the most important.

Expedited and overnight shipping is not enough. You need to ensure its security but keep the costs as low as possible. Palletizing a shipping product results in better efficiency in more ways than one. So, no matter what kind of business you have or what product you are selling, palletizing your shipping is a great way to help you and your business.

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