A house should be one of the most significant sources of comfort in a person’s life. And when it fails to serve that purpose, it’s time to move away. You can have numerous reasons for selling your home.

Maybe you outgrew your current living space, or perhaps you’re looking for a better neighborhood. The house-selling process, in any case,  is extensive and stress-inducing.

There are different ways to ensure a smooth sale, and one of these includes contacting a house-buying company.

House-buying companies help sell your house quickly by placing suitable cash offers on homes depending on the house’s condition and handle much of the paperwork hassle by themselves as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss the process and benefits of working with such companies.


How Does It Work?

If it’s your first time selling a house, you might be confused and simultaneously skeptical about how to contact a house-buying company. Here are three simple steps explaining the process:

1. Basic Information

The initial step after choosing a home-buyer company is to provide them with some basic information, such as the location of your house, its square footage, and your email address. You can do this by either contacting them directly or filling out a form usually shown on their websites.

2. Schedule a Showing

The next step is to schedule an appointment with one of the company’s experts and provide them with a detailed tour of the house. You can schedule this visit in person or film a thorough video showcasing each corner of the house and forward that video. This will help the house buyers get a clear idea of your house, after which they will provide you with a suitable offer, often within a day.

3. Offer Evaluation and Closing

Finally, you evaluate the offer provided by the home-buyers to see if it’s feasible for you or not. If not, you can negotiate the terms and the amount. If yes, then you simply move forward to the deal-closing step. The experts at these companies handle all the paperwork and documentation of the closing process, so you don’t have to go through the complication.

Benefits of Choosing a House-buying Company

When a person decides to sell a house, they immediately think of going about the conventional method: contacting a real estate agent. That comes with many downsides, including a lengthy time, extra commission fees, countless showings, no guarantee of a deal, and more. Here we’re listing some of the benefits of selling your house to a house-buying company rather than a real estate agent:

1. Sell Your House As-is

When dealing with a real estate agent, you must first repair your home and make the necessary updates before showing it to them. Otherwise, they can’t bring in prospective buyers saying your house is not up to the mark. House-buying companies have the “sell your house as-is” policy, meaning that you don’t need to change anything. They will provide you with a competitive offer right away and make the necessary repairs afterward by themselves.

2. Suitable Closing Time

One of the most significant issues when dealing with a real estate agent is the uncertainty of when the deal will be closed. It might take weeks, or even months, leaving you uncertain and frustrated. In the case of house-buying companies, it’s up to you whether you want to sell right away or wait for a few months. If you’re looking for an immediate sale, it will take around 7-14 days on average, within which your deal will be closed.

3. No Commission Fees

When selling your house, you need every penny from it because you’re most likely looking to buy another place simultaneously. In that situation, paying a handsome percentage of commission fees to the agent will hurt your finances. According to a statistic, the average commission rate for realtors is 5.66% in the United States. You can avoid this altogether by choosing to sell your house to home buyers because they don’t charge any extra fees. No third party is involved, so there are no hidden charges.

4. Minimum Number of Showings

Another inconvenience when dealing with realtors or personal agents is the repeated showings of the house. You have to prepare your home again and again for new prospective buyers every time. The selling process is already stressful, and having to open your home to strangers repeatedly can take a toll on you. On the contrary, home buyers only ask for one house visit in which they acquire all the required information and come up with a reasonable cash offer, skipping the futile visits.


Finding potential buyers, figuring out the best cash offer, and opening your home to strangers are challenging to do by yourself.

One of the best options is to contact a house-buying company to avoid this and ensure a smooth selling process.

Simply go through the three-step process and benefits of choosing a house-buying company mentioned above, and you should be able to decide easily.

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