Career development is one of the most important elements of any job role, without it, staff can feel undervalued and swiftly become bored with their roles. This can lead to underperformance and increased staff turnover.

It isn’t always obvious to employers how to improve employee career development, but it is crucial they adapt and change to allow this.

Continued professional development courses are one of the most rewarding ways to ensure this, not just for employees but for the business overall. It is also important to note that any course that is to be undertaken should be carefully considered and possess CPD Standards certification. Without this, students could fall victim to misinformation or subpar standards within training programmes.


What Are The Benefits of a CPD Certified Course?

As mentioned above, there are a myriad of benefits when employees undertake CPD certified training courses, we look at this in-depth below.

1. Reduces Costs

Formal education can be incredibly costly, from degrees, foundation courses or even just attending seminars. Paying for this training while also subsidising travel costs can add up quickly.

CPD certified training courses can start from as little as £10 to a few hundred, this means the risk of investing is low and staff can still obtain integral sector knowledge, without the huge price tag.

2. Provides a Route for Career Changes

As long as careful consideration is taken before doing so, a career change could be the best option for some. However, entering a new sector can be incredibly challenging, especially if there is no previous experience or education in the area.

Applying for roles, even entry-level positions, can be a challenge within a highly-competitive job market. Completing relevant CPD certifications can help a candidate stand out, show passion for the role and help to secure a job interview.

3. Boosts Confidence

Some employees could be skilled enough and have enough experience for that promotion they so highly sought, however, a lack of confidence can hold them back.

CPD certified courses can help fill those gaps in knowledge while also reiterating to a student the knowledge they already know, helping to increase confidence in their field.

4. The Latest Information

We live in a fast-paced world and with new studies, technology, practices and processes, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends within sectors.

Induction training programmes can quickly become outdated and even the most skills and experienced managers may overlook information that employees need to know.

CPD training courses are independently certified to ensure the latest information while always being correct and accurate. Even the longest-serving staff can have a chance to be refreshed and trained in the latest methods.

5. Benefits a CV

The job market is competitive and upwards of a few hundred applicants have been witnessed for just one role. Candidates need to stand out in every way they can and courses with CPD certification can help.

By adding CPD certification onto a CV, recruiters can see that candidates are up-to-date with the latest practices and are actively learning during their career, showing a great attitude and willingness that any recruiter will be looking for.

6. Expert Advice

Almost every CPD certified course comes with ways to access experts in the field, this could be anything from chat rooms, emails, telephone calls and even face-to-face meetings. This helps anyone who is struggling during the training or wants to delve deeper into certain topics.

This access isn’t restricted upon completion of the course, it remains as long as the student wants it to. This means they can access expert advice during their working life and really impress the bosses with ideas gained via these experts.

7. Keeps Employees Interested

It is inevitable that even the most passionate employees can become bored within their field over the years.

CPD certification can reinstate that interest they once had and reignite the passion for the role with new information, studies and practices.

With interest always kept high, staff are more likely to produce better quality work and be more involved with other areas of the business, helping them process quicker.

8. Impresses Managers

When a promotion is available but there is more than one staff member being considered, CPD certification can help an individual stand out from others.

Managers are the ones who choose if someone is ready (or even worthy) of progressing in their career so every little thing to impress them counts.

When an employee undertakes these courses, they are showing a willingness to learn and improve, while also being able to pass this new knowledge to their peers and improve overall business performance.

Showing this form of commitment will really score points with managers and can help secure that promotion.

These are just some of the benefits employees can take advantage of when choosing a CPD course. Career progression can be one of the most rewarding elements of our lives and by adding this asset to CVs, this progression can be swiftly fast tracked.

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