If you are someone who undertakes 3D printing as a hobby, know well that the technology can lead you to super cool gifts. With the right models and materials for the same, you can create all sorts of amazing objects. Starting from Pokémon keychains to as technical as Raspberry Pi gaming consoles, you can create cool things to 3D print

Let’s look at some of the most super cool gifts that you can create by your hobby i.e., 3D printing. Blogs on varied topics concerning 3D printing can be found on pick3dprinter.


1. Captain America with Mjolnir from Avengers Endgame

Source: cults3d

Got a friend’s birthday coming who is a fan of Marvel and Avengers? Gift the friend with a 3D-printed Captain America. This one is not any ordinary kind of Captain America, it’s very special because in it the superhero carries Thor’s hammer along with his shield! Amazing, isn’t it? The designer advises you to have supports for printing it. Also, if you find it bigger than the size, you can scale it down. Moreover, the clearances have been factored in to permit scaling.

2.  Iron Throne

Source: thingiverse

If you really wish to astonish or impress someone, why not give him/her a 3D printed Iron Throne! Yes! The Game of Thrones’s Iron Throne can be 3D printed! And the point of giving this Iron Throne is, who isn’t a fan of that popular web series? Also, because it is rare to find the Throne in stores, it is something that’d be least expected by anyone in the gift. So, you can easily surprise anyone by gifting this wonderful 3D printed piece.

3) Catan-style Board Game 2.0

Source: thingiverse

Board gaming is a fun pastime. It’s traditional, but as they say ‘old is gold.’ Catan is a special game that can be played with numerous players for an hour or two. If you gift this 3D-printed magnetic and multicolor Catan to a family who is interested in board gaming, they’d always remember you for gifting them a tool to spend more time with each other. In this way, you can be in their good books. Printing it doesn’t take much effort, plus the complete 3D design file is available on Thingiverse. 

4) Ogre Tabletop Miniature

Source: myminifactory

Got an aggressive friend in your group? He too is notorious, and loses tempers quickly? Why not, gift him an Ogre Tabletop Miniature that can be kept on his work-table! In this way, he will be always reminded of controlling his temper even in worse situations. And that’s how the people around him would feel safe. This very meaningful gift can be 3D printed by simply downloading its 3D design file from Myminifactory.

5. 8-bit Classic Mario

Source: thingiverse

If there was a universal game that everyone loved playing as their kids and even as adults, it was Mario! Still remember clearing different stages in it and scoring points, growing up, and then again losing power, isn’t it? Also, collecting stars and running without any danger of getting bitten by someone or killed, yeah? It was super fun. And if there is a super fan of this game around you, why not gift a 3D printed 8-bit Classic Mario to him/her? 

6. Ocarina of Time

Source: mymubufactory

Some visuals always evoke a sense of aggression in us and it’s important to feel that at times. If you have a warrior on your desk, you can always expect to stay a little on the go for any sort of work that comes in your way. The 3D-printed Ocarina of Time is one such model that allows you to always stay ready for the uncertainties in your life. Gift it to yourself or loved ones and feel the difference! 

7. Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter

Source:  thingiverse

Pokémon and their metamorphoses were such an enlightening phenomenon to watch as kids, isn’t it? Won’t you wish to tell the stories of the same to your kids? Need a statue or showpiece to exactly tell them how it worked? Well, we’ve handpicked a 3D printed Bulbasaur Planter which can be gifted to your kids. Not only will it ease the work of explaining to them, but also work will work as their part-time toy. 

The Conclusion

If you are already keeping the time ticking using 3D printing, why not turn the super cool ideas for gifts in your head into reality? The above mentioned are seven cool ideas for 3D print. So, why just tick time with the hobby? Instead, utilize it to create something functional as well as giftable! It’ll earn you a special position in the good books of your near and dear ones. 

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