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The world of nootropics can be more complex than you think. Each of the nootropic supplements has its lovers and haters and Bacopa Monnieri is not an exception. However, we will try to introduce Brahmi in the most versatile way.

Bacopa Monnieri became known 3 thousand years ago when ancient Indians began to use it in so-called Ayurvedic medicine.

The name of Bacopa came from Sanskrit and describes this white flower as producer of knowledge of life and longevity.

Bacopa Monnieri has two other names – Brahmi and Water Hyssop. The first is just a shortened version for Bacopa, but the second is related to the nature of this herb to emerge on wetlands.

Back to those days, Bacopa Monnieri was a cure for anxiety, urine, fever or sexual issues. Today we know this plant even better. Learn more about Bacopa Monnieri in this article.


Bacopa Monnieri: Benefits

1. Stress Reliever

The major benefit of Bacopa Monnieri-Brahmi is anxiety treatment or stress alleviation. Bacopa plant is also called an adaptogen, which means it regulates body response to the stress by calming you down.

Additionally, Bacopa Monnieri at the same time enhances your mood and improves overall motivation.

Besides ordinary stress that we face routinely, research has proved Brahmi’s potent benefits on patients with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Findings showed that taking this herb for a longer period (up to 3 months) positively affects impulsivity and turmoil.

2. Antioxidants

Bacopa Monnieri is one of those supplements that provide antioxidant benefits. Because of such a feature, Brahmi destroys free radicals and supports your cells from impairment.

If you are not familiar with free radicals, we will inform you that these molecules can make severe causes inside your body and even invoke cancer.

3. Brain Booster

The third in this list is related to brain stimulation. According to some users, Brahmi’s impact on the brain cannot be unnoticed.

With Bacopa Monnieri you can enhance memorizing capacity and the speed of learning, this herb keeps you focused and more observant than usual.

However, to notice more potent changes, you have to be taking Bacopa for a longer period (but more than 3 months period is not recommended).

4. Immune System Enhancer

We know that the support of the immune system is essential, especially when the colder season comes. Brahmi can be one of those supplements that aid in the formation of a resistant immune system.

Research claims that Bacopa Monnieri is mostly useful for reducing inflammation and destruction of proinflammatory molecules.

5. Regulating Blood Pressure

And the last benefit in this list – the reduction of your blood pressure. If you are coping with too high blood pressure levels, Brahmi can be a solution.

By realizing so-called nitric oxide, Brahmi widens blood vessels and balances the pressure.

Bacopa Monnieri: Side Effects

Bacopa Monnieri is one of those nootropics that lack potent side effects if you precisely follow the dosage. Sometimes this herb is even related to possibly safe nootropics, however, there are some side effects reported that you should be aware of.

In the first place, if you are facing Bradycardia, do not take Bacopa Monnieri. This herb may slow down the heart rate and leave severe complications.

Moreover, Bacopa intensifies lung fluid secretions, so those having problems with lungs should avoid taking this supplement.

Almost every nootropic has a possibility of such side effects as nausea or diarrhoea since your body can reject the new income.

Some users even claim that they did not notice any side effects, but benefits either. In such a case, we could make a presumption that not every nootropic suits every person.

And the most important emphasis – always consult your doctor before trying new supplements. Start with the lowest possible dosage and try slowly raising it to get to know how it works on you.

Do not forget to employ your patience because sometimes the good results take time.

Bacopa Monnieri: Dosage

As we have already mentioned, the dosage is the primary index that you should be following precisely. In cases of serious addiction or withdrawal symptoms, the main mistake that led to worsening was inappropriate dosage.

By taking too large doses, you are risking your health and safety, so do not forget that.

Usually, Bacopa Monnieri dosage differs depending on a manufacturer. It is so because of the unequal percentage of clear extract, for instance, if the percent is 20%, the maximum daily dosage should be 750-1500 mg, but if the percent is 55%, you cannot take more than 300 mg per day.

Earlier in the article, we have mentioned that it is recommended not to take Bacopa for a longer period than 3 months, this is because the research made regarding Bacopa Monnieri does not go over 3 months.

We hope that you will take this recommendation seriously.

What if… Combining Bacopa Monnieri With Other Nootropics for a More Potent Effect?

Yes, some of the users try to combine a few nootropics to receive a stronger effect. But you cannot combine it with whatever you want – every nootropic has it’s a so-called friend that matches with one another. In the case of Bacopa Monnieri, the best friend is Ashwagandha which also came from Ayurveda.

Firstly, the main benefit of these supplements is identical – stress reduction. So imagine combining two supplements that are used for relaxation – the effect seems marvellous. Mixed together, these supplements not only alleviate your anxious feelings but also bring calmness.

Another benefit that characterizes both nootropics is the protection of the body from inflammation and free radicals. So, by taking such a combination you will maintain the condition of your immune system and overall health even more.

Apart from Ashwagandha, let’s take another example – Rosemary Antioxidant. This nootropic can also be combined with Bacopa Monnieri for better stimulation of antioxidants.

These two are the great protectors of your body cells and great supervisors of your health and mood. Scientific findings approve that the protection of cells extremely strengthens when taking Brahmi and Rosemary for a longer period.

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