Each and every brand in entertainment and media industry wants to strike a strong chord with the consumers today, and it is also very important to have right and updated knowledge about the new trends putting a huge impact among the audiences. But, entertainment trends are always in a constant flux, with the upcoming platforms, trends and features are trying to change in a way we use content.

If we take a closer look, then 2018 saw an increase of the sports viewing on the latest platforms and devices, and social presence continued to progress in the media and entertainment industry.And 2019, we may see new trends coming up like Netflix control in this video streaming space, high popularity of esports as well as high VPN usage.

Here are a few top trends that to shape our entertainment industry.


1.A Rise of Virtual Reality:

You will find many new developments taking place in the virtual reality of late that may likely have the huge influence on entertainment future. But, in coming years, you can notice the virtual reality technology to have a vast impact on media and businesses companies.

Many companies may try to jump and experiment with this new technology and offer unique and special experiences to their consumers.

For example, Youtube and Facebook already have jumped high with 360degree videos & content.

But, many other media companies may discover what this new technology may offer and new possibilities for the customers. Coming years, the companies can keep up and provide new virtual experiences, which align to the consumer with their brands and offers.

2.Limited Music Streaming Continues:

Around 38% of the internet population does not use music streaming services, and making it the lesser popular type of the entertainment today. But with Spotify and other new streaming sites, this might seem shocking, and generational splits will tell the entire story.

One important thing to note here is creating a website for a musician is not an easy task.

There are so many complex data handling issues like handling huge volume of data if that particular website is a music streaming site.

One quarter of people who never use any music streaming services are going to buy the voice-controlled speaker, and next plan will be buying the smart home entertainment like wireless speaker.

Getting simple access to such highly streaming-friendly tools can be an important key for converting casual music listeners in live streamers.

3.Increase Entertainment Possibilities With 5G Networks

The 5G networks will be coming soon and can complete change on people can do on their mobile devices.

There will be an increase in the speed and devices can do much more than they have done it before. For future of entertainment and media industry, this may likely fuel huge changes. All these capabilities probably may lead to many videos streaming happening on the mobile devices.

For example, some mobile company has plans of offering mobile TV options for their subscribers.

So, similar content possibilities may emerge even for the mobile phone devices in video streaming network and capabilities of improved 5G networks will be implemented by the mobile providers.

4.Higher Focus on the Creation of Original Content

Next big change to take place in entertainment and media is the higher focus on creation of the original content. Many entertainment and media companies understand the significance of creating original content that they have distributed on their platforms.

For example, Netflix started with their unique distribution model that will allow the people to watch their favorite TV shows and movies but has changed quite a lot from past some years.

From a long time now, company is creating their original content and with this unique and original content, they also have the complete control over it. They will not need to worry much of losing their hold onto this industry and that contract with franchise and media firm runs out.

There are some companies who are running after this trend of creating original content that includes Apple, Amazon, and Google/ Youtube, and each to come up on their unique music and video streaming networks.

Wrapping Up:

With plenty of changes to happen in the entertainment industry, it is just the matter of time to notice any significant change and results in the big way to come.

Whereas some entertainment trends are really good, but some can be bad and without any doubt there will be a lot of interesting and unique developments to follow in the coming years.

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