Many people question “what is dab rig, and how it works?” it is a pipe designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, it is sometimes referred as concentrate rig, vapor rig, or oil rig. Like a bong, a dab rig filters concentrate vapor through the water at the base.

In its structure, it is connected to banger or nail, used for dabbing. New dab rig users may be overwhelmed at the technique because it requires several accessories to use dab pipes or rigs. But they may enjoy the streamlined, intense effects and heavy terpene flavor that dab rig and concentrates provide.

When once you get the dabbing process down, using it can be efficient and comfortable.

Dab rigs are easy in use; what you need to do is to heat the banger with a torch, then place a dab of concentrate in the banger and inhale the resulting vapor.

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1. Difference between a Dab Ring and a Bong

Both dab rigs and bongs considered pipe or rings connected to a bowl that holds cannabis products for smoking. A new dabber may not identify the difference between bong and dab rig. Dab rings are New dab rig users may be overwhelmed.

2. How to Use Dab Ring

Being a dab ring expert requires some time. But once you get an intuitional sense of simple steps involved in dabbing, you will find it a highly effective way to consume cannabis concentrates.
Here I’m telling you easy steps to make your dab experience enjoyable.

Step 1:

Heat the nail until it is glowing red. This will ensure you small particles are burned off the nail and you’re going to start with the hottest possible surface.

Step 2:

When once your nail is heated, it is time to take a dab. Instead of packing like a bowl, gather some concentrate onto the dab and touch it to the inside of the nail. If your nail is thoroughly heated, the concentrate will vaporize.

Step 3:

Start to inhale the vapor. Take deep and slow breathing to enjoy your dabbing experience.
There are many advantages of dabbing as compared to smoking a joint. It is not harsh, it is efficient, and the user gets a smoother flavor. Now we are introducing you with some exclusive benefits of using dab ring.

3. No Harshness

You will never experience any harshness when you are dabbing. However, you have to maintain a lower temperature. In this way, your throat will not burn. And you’ll experience a good dabbing, and you won’t have to be coughing.

4. Enjoy flavor and Aroma

Keep the temperature lower in your dab rig, and you will enjoy the flavor more because it will be smoother than smoking. With dab rig and carb cap together, you will have an efficient smoke of your cannabis concentrate. If you control the temperature, it allows you to enjoy your dabbing experience.
Apart from taste and flavor, dabbing has some health advantages. It may help patients dealing with extreme nausea and chronic pains to get effective and immediate relief.

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