Bitcoin mining can be an expensive venture without the necessary resources. The advent of cloud mining sites offers a perfect alternative to mining Bitcoins.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin mining, which involves sophisticated and expensive mining equipment, Bitcoin cloud mining allows miners to access the mining space without investing in expensive hardware.

Instead, you will direct your funds to a fully-fledged mining operation that has the required framework to mine successfully.

Are you tired of the hefty maintenance cost of mining hardware? Well, we have compiled the best list for you to choose from. We dive into this!


Cloud Mining

Typically, cloud mining involves taking part in a mining pool and buy a particular amount of hash power.

This process allows you to mine crypto without the need to install hardware. In return, profits are shared equally based on allocated hash power.

Mining Sites

So, for several firms have hit the ground running taking part in all cloud mining facets on behalf of potential crypto miners.

To venture into cloud mining, several credible cloud mining firms guarantee the security of your assets. Besides being credible, these websites come with a myriad of exceptional features.

Generally, the advent of mining sites is a game-changer in the crypto mining industry.

The sites reduce the high cost of obtaining expensive mining equipment and offer a hustle-free mining option.

Some of the notable mining sites include the following.

IQ Mining

bitcoin platform entered into the crypto cloud mining industry back in 2016. Since then, it has become a popular mining alternative for several miners .

The platform deals with renting remote mining equipment for those interested in crypto cloud mining. The firm has so far managed to win over 50,000 users.

IQ mining offers various packages for its users. Depending on which category suits your mining needs, you can choose any of the three options.

Users can choose from the following packages.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Cold

The packages have different offers which allow miners to mine various types of crypto. The unique aspect of the platform is that users aren’t required to pay any subscription fee.

The registration is free and smart contracts are integrated into the system to reduce risks.

Generally, IQ mining has a seamless user interface. However, users can access the platform in many languages, i.e., Spanish, French, English, and Russian.

Comparatively, profit projections are higher than any other types of unpredictable investments.

Genesis Mining

Genesis mining is a key crypto cloud mining firm. Since its entrance into the mining market in 2013, Genesis mining has managed to stamp its authority in the bitcoin mining industry.

Besides high production of hash power for Bitcoin and altcoins, the firm commands a market share of 2 million users. Users on the platform can mine various crypto coins of their choice.

To offer a seamless mining experience, the company caters to all the maintenance costs. Unlike IQ mining that offers free subscriptions, Genesis has various pricing packages.

The pricing model is determined the type of coin and hash power contributed by every miner .

Though expensive compared to other platforms, they render the best service in the cloud based crypto mining ecosystem.


Miners with little or no knowledge about crypto mining can try out shamining.

Having hit the crypto cloud mining market in 2018, the firm has been instrumental in serving users with minimal knowledge about crypto mining.

The platform’s most outstanding feature is that it has a user-friendly platform with an animated user interface.

Shamining has a wide range of contracts that users can choose from. The crucial advantage of the platform is that it has a high rate of profitability.

First-term users who create an account on the platform are entitled to a 37% bonus upon making the first deposit.


Established in 2017 and commanding approximately 40,000 users, Ecos is one of the most credible cloud mining firms operating with a License. The company has a number of contracts offered to users.

The unique aspect of the platform is that users can choose from a wide range of payment options. This include crypto, i.e., Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Some of the privileges new users are entitled to include tax incentives, a one-month free promo contract, and operational support.


Bitcoin mining can be an expensive and time-consuming venture. Firms highlighted in this article provide an exceptional alternative to help you achieve the best out of Bitcoin mining.

If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast determined to dive into Bitcoin mining, you can try out these options.

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