Bitcoin mining mainly focuses on creating New Bitcoin through solving complex puzzles. The main goal behind Bitcoin mining is securing the Bitcoin network and processing Bitcoin transactions.

An example in this scenario is where miners receive rewards in the form of transaction fees and newly created Bitcoins. So, how does Bitcoin mining work? This article puts this into perspective.


What Does Bitcoin Mining Focus on?

Typically, Bitcoin mining focuses on the following.

Issuance of New Bitcoins

In most economies, the central bank is mandated to issue new currency units based on various economic indicators.

On the other hand, Bitcoin presents a unique approach to injecting new money units into the economy. In bitcoin mining, miners are rewarded with new Bitcoins after every 10 minutes.

The issuance of Bitcoins is transparent, and all the miners can not create Bitcoins from anywhere.

Generally, the rate is set on a code accessible by miners.

This ensures the issuance is free from manipulation. Depending on your computer mastery, you have to apply exceptional computing skills to generate the new Bitcoins.

Confirmation of Online Transactions

The safety of online transactions remains a key concern across the world. Through blockchain technology, miners confirm all transactions available on their network.

To facilitate fast transactions, miners include transactions sent through the Bitcoin network in their blocks.

Why Are Miners Important in Bitcoin?

The core mandate of Bitcoin miners is to secure the blockchain network. This is made possible by making it difficult for other individuals to alter, stop or attack the Bitcoin network.

The more miners operate on the network the more it becomes secure.

Anyone can reverse transactions made on a blockchain network by owning more than 51% of the hash power. This is ultimately a tall order for intruders.

Therefore scattered hash power spread among various miners enhances the safety of Bitcoins on a blockchain network.

So how do you start mining? The following are a few steps you should put into consideration.

Step 1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

You need a wallet to mine Bitcoins. For you to earn Bitcoins from mining, the wallet is essential to help you receive the earned Bitcoins.

In this case, you will have to purchase a Bitcoin wallet from credible sellers, among them Trezor, Ledger Nano X, etc.

Step 2. Get a Bitcoin Exchange.

Bitcoin mining requires you to pay for the costs of power. This means you will have to sell out the coins to pay for power.

Alternatively, you may opt to purchase coins on exchanges. You can contact popular exchange platforms for your Bitcoin exchange. some of the notable Bitcoin exchange dealers include coinmama, eToro, and many others.

Step 3. Buy Bitcoin mining hardware.

Bitcoin mining requires specialized hardware to enable you to mine successfully.  Application-specific integrated circuits (Asic ) are a Bitcoin invention ideal to facilitate BTC mining.

So far, serious Bitcoin mining is done on dedicated mining hardware Asics. These are usually thermal regulated data centers that have low-cost electricity.

What You Need to Understand

While Bitcoin hardware wallets like Ledger Nano x   are used to secure Bitcoins, Bitcoin mining hardware are used to mine Bitcoins.

Though some people believe mining Bitcoin is a great venture, buying Bitcoin is cost-effective and more rewarding.

It is therefore recommended that you stick to mining through the Asic specialized computers tailor made to facilitate BTC mining.

Though a standard desktop or laptop computer may be used to mine Bitcoins, it may not be cost effective. This is attributed to the high cost of electricity associated with traditional bitcoin mining equipment.

Step 4. Choose a Mining Pool

Though some crypto miners opt for solo mining, it may not yield desired results. Instead, you need to choose a mining pool. A mining pool helps you receive high rewards from a mining payout.

Further, miners are discouraged from undertaking solo mining since the hardware hash rate may not be sufficient to enable you to find a block.

By joining a hash pool, you simply share your hash rate in the pool. Once a block is found, the contributors share based on the rates of hash contributions.

Step 5. Get Mining Software.

ad revolution helps you mine through your desired pool. You can use this software to point your hash at the mining pool.

The mining software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. The software’s unique aspect is that you can   use it to show the pool where payout should be sent.


Bitcoin mining may be complex if you don’t understand the ropes. The steps highlighted in this article are critical to guide you through the BTC mining process.

In case you haven’t tried out mining before, it’s high time you try out the information shared through the article.

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