No matter what the season of the year it is, it’s always nice to give back, especially to those who needed it the most.

It’s more helpful to give donations after a horrible natural disaster takes place in your area since many people probably have nothing left.

Even without a hurricane or tornado happening in your area, however, it’s always nice to end the year with good deeds by giving donations to the needy.

If you don’t have the time to drop off your donations yourself, you can opt for a donation pick up to get your donations picked up from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re wondering about the things that you could donate this year, read on below to find out:


1. Toilet Papers

The top item that the donation centers usually receive is toilet papers as they’re an obvious necessity in everyday life. They’re frequently used each time anyone goes to the bathroom.

When donating toilet papers, make sure that you give unscented rolls both in small and large quantities.

2. Bath Essentials

If you’re giving donations to those who were affected by a natural disaster, it’s obvious that the last thing that they’ll be packing would be bath essentials.

Also, the needy ones don’t prioritize bath essentials as well. With rumbling stomachs, their top priority would always be food, and their hygiene would probably be found at the bottom of their list.

When giving away bath essentials, give away small bottles to help people save space since they may only have access to common or public restrooms.

It’s also important that you provide them hypoallergenic products so that it won’t cause any irritations as some of them may have sensitive skin or may be suffering from certain skin conditions.

3. Dental Essentials

Along with bath essentials, dental essentials are most likely at the bottom of the needy ones’ priority list as well.

Thus, you may provide them with toothbrushes and toothpaste suitable for adults and children. This will enable them to maintain their oral hygiene to keep them safe from dental ailments.

4. Canned Goods

While you want to give them a delicious meal, unfortunately, it might only be good enough for a day. Unless you’re planning to give them food every day, feel free to cook them a warm meal.

However, if you don’t have the time to cook, giving them canned goods would be a great idea to keep their stomachs full.

When giving canned goods, make sure to give ones that have a long expiry date, are easy to open, and ready to eat so they wouldn’t have to bother with finding a can opener and cooking them when there’s no available cooking area where they live.

5. Diapers & Milk

Babies would be needing a regular diaper change and milk intake. While cloth diapers can help you save money, parents or caregivers won’t have the capacity to clean them as needed, most especially if they don’t have access to soap and water.

It’s recommended that you donate rash-free dry diapers of all sizes for families who have babies. Along with this, you should provide them with formula milk that matches the children’s age so that they could continue to get the nutrition that they need. You can visit My Organic Company for baby’s organic formula milk.

6. First Aid Kit

In times of unexpected scratches and wounds, they must have their very own first aid kits so that they’ll be able to tend to their wounds right away, avoiding any possibility of infections.

Try to include in these first aid kits some bandages, band aids, ointments, alcohol, and medicated wipes. These should be enough to treat or cover any common wounds.

7. Pads And Tampons

These are an unavoidable monthly expense for women as you can’t stop their regular period from happening.

While there are other alternatives to tampons, such as menstrual cups, they’re not very hygienic to use, most especially when they require thorough cleaning.

These can be a breeding ground for bacteria and infection when not cleaned properly.

When pads and tampons go on sale, purchase some extra to give out to women who need them the mos.

8. Blankets

During the cold season, they’d definitely need as much warmth as they could get to keep themselves comfortable.

While giving them jackets, jammies and socks would be a great idea, providing them with blankets would be better since everyone can use them, and there’ll be no size constraints whatsoever.

Blankets can be used during the summer, too, as not everyone is comfortable sleeping without a blanket hugging them.

So, when you’re giving away blankets, make sure that you purchase those that are suitable for all seasons, such as ones made from wool or fleece.

Make sure that they’re breathable, too, so that they’ll feel comfortable even during the summer.

9. Undergarments And Socks

You might have already given away a ton of clothing to charities, but do you know the pieces they need the most, but are being donated less often?  Undergarments and socks.

These two are a part of their daily necessity and hygiene maintenance.

So, it’s ideal that you purchase pairs of socks and undergarments for all sizes and ages and have them donated. The needed would appreciate these things more than you think.

10. Kitchenware

At the end of the year, you might find yourself with a ton of kitchenware from friends and loved ones that would look amazing in your kitchen.

If you’re into donating stuff for the needy, then, it should be in your best interest to give out the old ones, which, of course should still be in good working condition.


Nothing feels better than knowing that you’re able to make someone’s day. Having to make your donation before this year ends would warm your heart, knowing that you’re able to help someone in need.

But, you shouldn’t limit your giving back to humans; animals also need your kindness and generosity.

It’ll be nice to buy extra items when going Christmas shopping as you’d be able to score great deals that a lot of people could benefit from. It’s always great to be selfless and spread positivity to the world.

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