Are you considering a career in healthcare?

If so, but you’re not sure if it’s for you, there are many reasons why joining the healthcare profession right now could be the best decision you make for your career going forward.

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and with more jobs than ever before, this could be a great move for your career.


The Changing Face of Healthcare

The healthcare sector and medicine industry is a booming business, and the global Health crisis of 2020 to 2021 has only strengthened the importance of great healthcare in people’s minds.

Working within the healthcare sector is a great move for any budding medical professional, but there are also many other jobs in all kinds of different industries that work well with healthcare roles.

Positions in administration, leadership, management, and even marketing and creative roles can find a home in healthcare.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider a role in healthcare, no matter what your working background.

Working Towards a Healthier Future

The very first and most important reason to consider a role in healthcare is that the furtherment of medicine will help us lead a happier and healthier life.

You could be part of a team that is changing global health on a major scale, and that’s something to be proud of when you go to work every day!

Professionals at all levels working in the healthcare sector are part of the very fabric of the future of mankind, and that’s a powerful reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Lots of Positions With Progression Options

Perhaps unlike any other industry on earth, the healthcare sector has the best opportunity for professional and career development.

In nursing, for example, you would have the option to start out as a trainee nurse and work your way up the ranks, gaining better qualifications and higher-paid roles as you went.

Fortunately, there are flexible online courses today in crucial life-saving skills such as ACLS on which you can get certified and recertified without putting a strain on your busy schedule.

There are many options to specialize too. A Nursing Practitioner may decide to specialize in a more specific role such as women’s health, pediatrics, or even working towards their family nurse practitioner qualifications, which you can find out more about here.

It’s an exciting place to be, and the possibilities for learning and development are endless!

Working With a Clear Sense of Purpose

Your purpose in healthcare is to ensure that everyone who comes into your practice is treated fairly and with a sense of dignity.

The oath doctors and nurses take is powerful; it enshrines the idea that those in the medical profession will work to minimize pain and suffering, preserving life for as long as possible.

When you work in healthcare, you’re reminded of this vow every day, and the challenges you face while you’re on shift seem to pale when you see happy, healthy patients leaving your care to live their lives.

It’s a very powerful feeling.

Lots of Variety

The joke of “no two days are the same” is certainly true in healthcare, and with all levels of job, there is going to be variety.

Whether you decide to work on the front lines inpatient care, work behind the scenes in administration or directorship, or even take up a higher-level role in governance and leadership, nothing is ever the same from one day to the next.

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry, and things change on a daily and weekly basis.

New medical breakthroughs happen, new ways to diagnose and treat patients, and new ways to show that your care will all be thrown at you, and for people who like a challenge, this is a perfect reason to sign up.

Guaranteed Pay Rises

Today’s working world is one of uncertainty, with more and more Americans losing their jobs and livelihoods, but in healthcare, things are looking a little brighter.

This is perhaps one of the few industries that will survive the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed when it comes to pay and job security.

Most jobs in healthcare are relatively well paid once you get into roles that require specific qualifications, and there are always options to continue your education.

For example, depending on which state you’re working in, the average family nurse practitioner salary is between $105k and $117k and rising.

You are working so that you can improve your options for work and for a bigger salary throughout your career.

Flexible Hours and Shift Patterns

Don’t like working the standard 9-5?

That’s fine, there are very few jobs in healthcare that have a standard set shift pattern, and for people who prefer to be working and a\wake at different times of the day, this is great news!

That’s not to say you’ll always get the shift pattern that you’d prefer.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pull yourself out of bed for the very early shift, to crawl back into bed in the middle of the day because you’ve worked a night shift.

Still, this flexibility in working patterns is certainly a bonus for people who prefer to have variety in their working patterns and work when they feel more awake.

The Work is Interesting

If for no other reason, you should join a healthcare career because the work is interesting.

Working with new people every day, being challenged on your knowledge and experience.

Constantly learning, and seeing all kinds of new ailments and illnesses is something that many healthcare workers find thrilling when it comes to the job.

It’s hard work, and sometimes the days will be long, and the cases will be difficult; working with people who are feeling unwell or in pain may also be challenging and heartbreaking.

But that’s something that adds to the variety of the role and helps to create an interesting career that has lots of high points as well as a few low points.

Healthcare is a massive industry; there are always options for expanding your knowledge and following a passion for specialism, whether in nursing or in a less clinical role.

Working with other experts and other passionate people is also something that many people find to be beneficial and exciting about working in healthcare.

No two days are the same, that’s true, but with a job in healthcare, no two jobs are the same either!

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