Are you the sole organizer of your next super important conference meeting or call?

Are you stressed-out to the max worrying about every small detail to ensure it all runs as smoothly as possible?

Well, if your answer to both of them questions is yes, we have some simple yet effective tips to help you out.

The truth is, conferences and meetings do not need to be the worrisome event that your overwhelmed mind often makes it out to be, so take a read and feel reassured that you can always plan ahead and pre-empty what could potentially go wrong.


Set an Efficient Agenda

Make sure the conference agenda is set out clearly for all attendees, and keep it brief and simple.

A straightforward meeting outline is both useful and informative, especially if it’s due to go on for a long period of time and breaks need to be scheduled in advance.

Sending out a prior email of the agenda is also a good way to make sure there are minimal interruptions.

Use a Conference Translator

If your company is holding a global conference, using a conference translator is a brilliant way to ensure there’s unified and happy communication between all parties.

Global Lingo’s eConference translation can provide a variety of supporting services including interpreters, live captioning, presentation translations, and summary-writing.

Share Only Relevant Information

As the organizer of a conference, you must provide all the relevant information to attendees comprehensively and efficiently.

Tidy up your Powerpoint slides to make sure all content is condensed down and hone in on your presentation skills to keep listeners engaged.

When you give a presentation, you’ll want to use PowerPoint templates with modern designs and easy-to-understand infographics.

No one wants to be bombarded with too much information, especially if it’s useless info that doesn’t need to be included. Keep it apt and snappy.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Conference meetings are a shared experience, so it’s important you create a welcoming environment to invite all attendees to share their thoughts and opinions.

Encourage participation as much as possible and do your best to direct the conversation in a constructive and beneficial direction.

Manage the Time

We all know conferences can be a tedious experience, especially if it runs over the allocated time slot unnecessarily.

Time management is key for keeping all attendees content and fully engaged with the conference, so always keep an eye on the clock to make sure the schedule is being stuck to.

Stick to a deadline and ensure everyone is staying focused.

Get a Good Night Sleep

The last tip might be the most important to remember – make sure you are mentally prepared for the conference ahead.

As the leader of the meeting, it’s your duty to keep everyone committed to the ongoing conversation, so make sure you are feeling your best.

Get a good night sleep and eat a hearty breakfast for your day ahead.

Overthinking what could go wrong is pointless, especially if you are unnecessarily worried, so just make sure you relax and compose yourself.

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