The Basics

It can be challenging for small business owners to understand the digital marketing world.

Tight budgets, millennials targeting life from a different angle, technology opening up new communication channels are just a few of the challenges small business owners face.

The world changes every day, and sellers have to adjust to new rules. So where should a small company direct their marketing resources?

The answer about digital transformation solutions will be different for each company at a specific time frame.

But the main thing for everyone is that small businesses must remain relevant and competitive.

Instead of trying to choose between traditional and digital marketing, consider combining the two skillfully.

It is very important to use the right marketing strategies for successful business development and profitability. Especially if you conduct your business on the Internet.

SEO-website promotion and competent website promotion will help to attract more target audience and turn it into potential buyers. Which, in turn, helps to increase profits.

Now, when promoting a site, both traditional and digital marketing is used.

When ordering SEO promotion of a resource, its owner may face a dilemma of what kind of marketing to give preference to. We invite you to explore the basic concepts of both.

Features of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing involves the use of a variety of promotional techniques.

The main emphasis here is on advertising campaigns in the press, on TV and radio, and on the placement of outdoor advertising banners.

The fundamental foundations of such marketing have remained unchanged, and have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in practice.

However, on the other hand, it also has certain disadvantages.

For example, limited interaction with the target audience, lack of control over the time frame, higher cost, limited settings, difficulties with updating, etc.

Features of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is focused on SEO website promotion on the Internet.

Website promotion in the global network allows you to expand the reach of the target audience and attract even more potential customers.

In the modern world, digital marketing is in great demand and is gaining more and more popularity.

And it is not surprising, because technologies are constantly evolving, there are more and more digital solutions.

Doing digital transformation on the Internet opens up quite a lot of opportunities for its owner.

What Does the Statistics Say?

A large percentage of users prefer to conduct research on a product or service online before investing their funds.

The number of users of social networks is constantly growing.

Almost all mobile phones make digital advertising more effective.

Experts consider the most productive tactics for promoting a product on social networks.

Return on Investment

Setting aside a budget for marketing is half the battle in digital transformation solutions. It is important to ensure a good return on this investment.

Technological progress and digital technologies will help you minimize the risk of losing funds. This is why many companies choose to invest in digital marketing.

Moreover, its cost is lower than the traditional one.

Of course, you can opt for print ads, which will undoubtedly work with the right approach.

However, here you need to take into account the circulation of the publication and the need to regularly invest funds to support this advertising campaign.

Digital ads are much easier to set up.

The cost of acquiring customers digitally is not that impressive. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the settings at any time in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

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