One of the coolest things you can get to stay connected with your loved ones? Yes! That’s Friendship lamps.

In today’s time, we all are having a busy life, and keeping a touch with our friends becomes quite a tough job. And all you want is to talk with your family members, a friend or a long distance partner or friend.

And to minimize this distance, you can try out the long distance touch lamp comes to the picture.

It is one of the coolest gadgets available out there. When you touch on a lamp, the other person’s lamp lights up. So you can let others know that you are missing them.


5 Best Friendship Lamps Picked by Experts

The thing about these lamps is that you have to buy multiple of them. So you will need to purchase two or 4 long distance touch lamps to keep up with your favorite persons.

As well as each person you choose will have their own color. So every time the other person touches his or her lamp, you will get to see that person’s color on your lamp.

Sounds cool no? So let’s just have a look at 5 best long distance Friendship lamps.

1. Friendship Lamp by Filimin

First of all, I have the Single Friendship Lamp by Filimin. It is unbelievably one of the most beautiful lamps that you can check out. However, it comes with a high price, though. But at the same time it has quite a lot of features too.

The lamp works in an extremely good way. All you have to do is both you and the person you want to stay in touch need to have these lamps. Plus, you will have to set a unique color. So whenever the other person touches his or her lamp. You will get to know it is her.

However, to make it happen, you will need to first register your name on the website and fill in your Wifi details for easy access.

2. Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp

Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp is one of the best long distance touch lamps that you can try out.  It comes with quite a lot of features, and it comes with romantic, colorful night light. As well as the light is dimmable and it can attract kids attention. Even it is a pretty nice light for the kids. As well it comes with an improved on-off switch for better user experience.

Along with the lamp, you will also get 2 color models. These models are the A-White Light Mode. When you turn the touch light lamp on, it defaults to white mode,  you can change the brightness by touching the mesh portion of the top of the speaker. Modle B-Colorful Light Mode, Touch the mesh portion of the top of the speaker for 2 seconds, it will switch to color light mode. The LED night touch lamp has six colors which include red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and pink.

As well as it offers you longer battery life. It comes with a 1800MA battery, so it can be as a bedside lamp. When it is fully charged, it can stand in the light mode 10 hours or support up to 10 hours of music play back.

Plus, it is a smart speaker lamp which is compatible with most of the phones and computers. In addition, the HFP feature makes it also a Bluetooth speaker phone. The AUX-IN jack allows you to play music from your iPod / MP3 players via 3.5mm audio cable.

3. UNIFUN Touch Lamp

Up next I have the UNIFUN Touch Lamp. It is one of the cheapest long distance lamps that you can check out. The lamp is extremely easy to control. All you have to do is touch the lamp to activate the night light. Or touch the lamp to turn it off. You have to touch the panel for at least 3 seconds to turn it on or off.

Moreover, it comes with adjustable brightness. As a result, you will be able to dim, low, middle, or high the brightness. As a result, you will be able to set the brightness to your mood.

As well as it is a changeable model type. It comes with auto cycle RGB color combinations. Or you can simply select a fixed color from Red, Green, Blue colors. The light is also eye friendly and offers you a 360 degree lighting.

Moreover, the battery will last up to 8H with minimum brightness, 4H with max brightness. Plus, you will be getting 12 months of warranty.



4. YSD Touch Lamp

Next, there is the YSD Touch Lamp. And it is one of the best long distance lamps that you can try out too. The lamp comes with a touch control design. This means you can turn on the light by simply tapping over it. As a result, you will not have to deal with switches.

Even you can simply touch the control panel to toggle between 3 brightness level. These brightness levels include white light-soft, moderate and bright. Plus, you will get 16 gradient colors. So you can easily change the color mode just simply touch the top of this LED lamp and fixed color.

It also comes with Eye-Friendly 360°Light. The LED light panel which provides a soft and harmless lamp to make natural brightness. 360° design can provide enough light source to protect your eyes.

Plus it comes with great battery life. It offers you 10 hours of battery life. Along with that, you can charge the lamp with a USB cable in just 3 hours.



5. KMASHI Night Light

In the end, I have the KMASHI Night Light. One of the best parts of this lamp is that it comes with an auto cycle RGB color combinations display. Or you can display a fixed color like Red, green or blue.

As well as it comes with adjustable brightness and modes. All you have to do is touch the control panel to toggle four brightness level of warm white light-soft, low, moderate, and bright. It is enjoyable and easeful for relaxation & work and also the top choice for reading on the bright setting.

It also offers you a soft and harmless light with 360°touch panel that offers you with more comfortable and delicate light. Also, the touch lamp will last up to 30 hours with minimum brightness mode. Plus, it comes with 1 year of warranty.

So those were some of the best long distance touch lamps. However, now you must be confused about which one you should pick.



However, to make it a bit easy for you, let me talk about some of the top points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a long distance lamp:

Things To Consider Before Buying Friendship Lamp

I just have given a bunch of long distance touch lamp options. And I know that you are a bit confused about which one to pick. However, to make it easy for you let me just talk about some of the things that you need to keep in mind:


Color is one of the first things that you need to look for. There are touch lamps that come in different colors. Even some of the lamps come with only 2-3 colors. So you have to choose what kind of colors you want for your long distance lamp.

WiFi Installation:

These touch lamps will only work over an internet connection. If there is no wifi connection, it will not work properly. So make sure you and the other person have wifi connection at your place.


Size is also one of the important features that you need to look for. These types of lamps do not just keep you to close to your favorite person. But at the same time, you can use it as a decoration. So make sure it gets fit into the place where you are planning to keep it.

Glare Feature:

Some of the lamps come with adjustable brightness feature. And you must get a lamp with this feature only. As you will be able to set the brightness according to your needs.


Budget is all you need to consider. The market has a lot of options from different price ranges. So make sure to ensure a budget and features and then start looking for a lamp. This way, you will easily be able to pick the right one for yourself.


In the end, you should consider your purpose and then on the basis of it you should pick a long distance lamp. You need to ask yourself why are you going to use the long distance touch lamp. As some people use it as a decoration. And some people want to gift it to their partners so they can stay in touch. If you are planning to gift someone, make sure to get two pieces of the same product. This way, you and your partner will be able to communicate with each other.

Why Should You Invest In A Friendship Lamps?

There are various reasons why you should purchase a long distance lamp. And here are some of the top reasons:

To keep in touch: There is no doubt that long distance lamps help you to stay in touch. It makes sure that you are in touch with your favorite ones. In our daily life, calling or texting someone becomes quite a tough job. But if you get yourself one of these lamps. Then with a single touch, you will be able to let others know that you miss them. Even if you are a busy person who hardly gets any time for phone calls or messages. Then this is the best thing you can gift yourself.

Relationships: Most of us are in long distance relationships. And it often becomes hard for us to stay in touch with our partners. However, with this unique lamp, you will be able to let your partner that you miss them.

Nightlight: Apart from being a unique lamp that brings people closer. This little piece of tech work as a nightlight too. You will be able to use it while reading. As well as, there are so many long distance lamps are available out there, which allows you to control brightness and change colors. So yes, you can use it as a nightlight. Plus, you can use it as a decoration too.

Gift: In the end, it is a perfect gift for anyone you can think of. You can gift this thing to your friend or family member or your partner.

How Does Friendship Lamp work?

Now the question is how long distance touch lamps work? Well, long distance lamps are connected to a server which allows you and your friends to communicate with each other.

All, you need to do is plug the lamp into a power source and connect the lamp to your wifi network. Then you will have to set up a lamp ID and connect your lamp to the ID you have created. Then you will have to select one color for yourself and one color for your friend or your partner. So each time you or your friend touches the lamp, you will get notified. As the lamp will light up that specific color, you have chosen.

It’s Your Turn To Make Decision –

In today’s time, it is quite hard for us to keep in touch with our loved ones. And gadgets like this surely helps us to stay in touch with others. These kind of long distance lamps are a pretty perfect gift for your partner, friend, or family member.

So go ahead and check these options out and see which one is working for you. Compare all the features with each other and then pick the right one friendship lamp for yourself.

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