After shooting a high-quality image, you are almost ready to post and sell your product brand online. You need to do several things to prepare your images for a social media appearance.

One of the important things to do before posting your product image online is editing. Editing a large volume of images can be time-consuming.

Therefore, reach out for help from picture background remover to benefit from certain functions to make your business more efficient.

Most business owners don’t have the extra time to make their product image web-ready. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek help to make your product image pop.

However, if you love DIY approaches, below is how you can change that dull appearance on your product image pop.


Ways to Make Cultivating, Brilliant Product Image

Having a product image that pops out is more crucial than any content on the product page. Here is how to create a product image that pops.

1. Use a Tripod and Lightbox When Taking Photographs

Start by taking a perfect photo and taking it well. A perfect product image will pass through many processes, but taking a little more time with your photography setup can pay off well during photo editing.

This, in return, can help you come up with a product image that pops out in a pool of images. A tripod will help reposition items and take consistent photos.

A light tent or lightbox will help you diffuse multiple light sources across your product.

2. Use Micro Mode to Get Finer Details

Close-up or macro photos are suitable for showing finer details of your product, making a big difference to potential customers.

It is important to provide as much information as possible to your customer if they choose to buy your product, and the best way to do it is with photography.

Macro shots are ideal for showing stitching on shoes or bags or finer craftsmanship. This will show the difference between your product and that of your competitors.

3. Create Shadows

Showing your customers that you can take a little more time during the product image production helps them feel special and that they are buying from a professional business.

Applying reflection or shadows during editing or the photoshoot, to your product can help you achieve that highlighted style and make the image stand out.

When done right, reflections and shadows can create a sense of depth to your product and help customers see the product in 3D. Ensure you get professional help with shadow applications to have the best image.

4. Make Your Product Mage Realistic

Photoshoot doesn’t always show what the product really looks like. This is a big problem for customers when making purchase decisions based on the product’s appearance in the web.

Also, your business will face countless returns and unhappy customers if what is sold is different from what is on the website.

To deal with a situation like this, you need to use programs that can help you adjust the product image’s color, brightness, and saturation to be more realistic.

Remember, color correction on the product image makes the photograph more idyllic or realistic. 

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