Now, for the first time, business and technology are partners in this pandemic to keep their staff and clients safe.

Many of them escaped slowdown and closure and credit goes to technology change in business models.

For example,some companies adopted contactless payments and other current trends in business such employee monitoring software to support working from home.


Digital Adoption During Covid 19

Businesses are using technology to remain connected to their clients during these trying times of Covid 19.

They must employ new strategies and practices today in order to remain in operations, especially now social distancing is enforced.

The new strategies put in place by most businesses or companies include;

  •  Enabling contactless payments and movements for a customer
  •  Conducting online meetings with your staff and managers
  •  Increasing usage of new online marketplaces
  • Usage of business technology such as software or tools to manage your workers
  • Usage of chatbots to answer basic questions from a customer

By employing these strategies, businesses will produce a state of the art products. They create new products that everyone loves.

Technology also leads to the development of business and one can see within the company.

Increasing Usage of Online Marketplaces

With the outbreak of Covid 19, social distancing was enforced strictly. Also, people all over the world were encouraged to stay home to avoid the spread of the virus.

As a result, customers changed their shopping patterns and started shopping online.

Companies that had physical stores such as supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques, and markets suffered losses.

Learning from mistakes that were made by physical companies, an old or new business that shifted to the digital world or used technology to conduct their business operations increased their profits and growth.

Software to Manage Your Staff

The Covid-19 pandemic abruptly changed the lives of people.  It forced them to work from home. To manage the remote workforce effectively, a business was forced to use tools and software such as monitor employees working from home or technologies.

The technologies like Teramind’s Employee Monitoring program will monitor the activities of your employees so you can get crucial information such as underperformers, top performers, false overtimes and will help you know when they log in and log out plus their active times.

This business technology will improve customer experience since every staff will be able to serve better when they know they are being monitored.

It also increases transparency in the business world and streamlines business processes.

Enabling Contactless Payments

There is a great need today to embrace this business technology.

Health experts and governments are advising schools, malls, cinemas, bookstores, and businesses to employ contactless payments for easier management of the disease.

Indeed, business & technology must or need to become partners during this major pandemic in order to keep people safe today and in the future.

What Are Examples of Business Technology?

There are many tech enterprises around the world that employ the internet, inventory management system, computer systems to conduct their business. More and more healthcare IT solutions are popping up every month.

Most of them have gone digital, especially the ones that have computer systems, that make or develop software, employ information technology to create business opportunities over the years,

It is crucial to have the right technology for your business needs especially during this time of Corona Virus.

Research and identify the best solutions for your business and if it is possible, get help from experts who have experience and knowledge of working with various processes and technology.

Your staff needs to learn some skills or technology solutions that will keep everyone safe within the company or even in school.

What Is the Role of Technology in the Business?

Technology has always been playing a big role in enterprise or industry processes.

Various technologies create or lead to the growth of more customers, track processes, lead to the transformation of business by going digital, lead to the development of innovation, maintain data flow, and help companies have effective management of employees and contacts.

Like I mentioned before, it won’t hurt if your staff takes a digital course or does research in order to understand how technology works.

The Role of Technology in Business During Pandemic

The majority of businesses involve the usage of technology, especially now there is a pandemic of Coronavirus.

Business technology such as information technology allows staff to conduct meetings online. Students learn online which seemed impossible to happen before Covid19.

With the usage of computer systems or applications, data can be stored online hence no dealing with paper documents that can transfer viruses.

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