Whether you’re about to bring your baby home or you’re a mother prepping to give birth, there are a plethora of things you can do to make life easier with a newborn. We’ve run through 8 of them below.


No One’s Perfect

The most important thing you have to make note of is that no one is perfect. Babies are a handful, especially newborns. You may want things to go smoothly, but there’ll be a lot of crying, panicking, and chaos.

This is just how it is and there’s no way you can avoid it, no matter how thorough you are. If you go into it expecting to handle very little chaos, you’re going to make the first few weeks very hard.

You’ll think of yourself as a horrible mother when you fail, which is not true, you’re just like the rest.

Get Help

A key way to handle an infant is with the help of others. If you have family around, don’t be shy to ask them for help. Most likely, they’ll offer to assist with him.

Try to rally as much help from your mother and your partner’s as they’re pros at taking care of kids, so your hands won’t be too full. As you’re having people with experience around, not only would life be made easier, but you’ll get expert advice on how to handle situations and do things.

This will help if you have more children down the line.

Prepare For Guests

Your family is going to want to visit and help out with your baby. If you’ve just come home from the hospital, it’ll be hard for you to juggle getting rooms ready for guests as well as taking care of the baby.

The smartest thing to do would be to get the spaces ready before you give birth.

This would include getting things like spare towels and all the necessities your loved ones would need to comfortably stay at your home – they’ll probably be there for months.

Keep Pets Away

You love your furball, but having pets around an infant is not a good move. For starters, they’ll make a mess, making life even harder for you.

Taking care of them along with a newborn is hard in general, no matter how obedient they are. If you can, get a loved one to take care of your pet for a while. Their fur is not good either as babies have sensitive skin.

Adjust When You Sleep

Your baby will wreck your sleep cycle. You shouldn’t just try to sleep as you normally would. Your baby would wake up in the middle of the night, disturbing your rest.

Try and sleep whenever your child sleeps. Babies sleep a lot, so you’ll be able to get some valuable hours throughout the day. Many moms use the time their little ones rest to do chores, but sleeping when he’s down is better.

Did You Speak To A Lactation Expert?

Nursing is not easy. It’s one of the most challenging things you’ll experience for the first time. Your baby needs to latch on correctly, having the most sensitive part of your nipple deep in his mouth.

You also need to hold him properly. A lot of mothers find the correct position to hold their young the hardest.

A lactation expert can be your saving grace. They’re usually midwives and physicians. The hospital you’re going to give birth at most likely has a few, so reach out. If this doesn’t sound appealing, know that you can schedule classes online.

The consultants know that you may not want to get ready and go outside when you’re heavily pregnant, so they’ve got you covered.

Stock Up On Baby Formula

Speaking of nursing, make sure you stock up on organic baby formula. Even though you have a hungry child, you may not be producing enough milk.

The baby formula makes life easier as you just mix the concoction up, feeding him whenever he’s ready. But be mindful of the brand you purchase.

Lists like https://littleonemag.com/best-baby-formulas/ consist of formula that comes with different nutrients. Getting hold of one that is jam-packed with them is what you need. Similar Pro Advance is a good example of this.

A good tip would be to place the item in your baby list. They can be expensive, so people you know could get them for you as gifts. Making note of the specific brand would get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Make Note to Go Outside

Being at home all day with your little one will drive you crazy. Although you have family helping you, your life will be drastically different. If you need to feel like your old self, try to schedule an outing. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck at home all the time, which will make you feel less human.

You don’t have to schedule anything too crazy. Going out on short walks across your block will do the trick.

Once your baby is a little older, don’t be afraid to leave him with family for date nights. You and your partner need breaks. It’s important for your mental health.

Final Thoughts

Giving birth is one of the hardest things a woman will ever do. Thankfully for you, preparing will make your time easier. It’ll make bringing your baby home less chaotic.

One of the most important things you should do is to remember to stay healthy and calm. Although prepping would help, you’re allowed to make mistakes and feel frustrated. If you don’t realize this, you’ll burn yourself out.

Along with allowing yourself to make mistakes, get as much help as possible. Having your mother and your mother-in-law helping you would take loads off your shoulder. It will allow you to go outside too and take breaks regularly.

Lactation consultants like https://intermountainhealthcare.org/blogs/topics/intermountain-moms/2013/11/what-is-a-lactation-consultant/, can help too. We all know how frustrating it is to nurse your baby for the first time. So if you’re a new mom, keep these tips in mind.

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