Effective management is one of the key goals of all business leaders across all industries. You’ll know, as a manager, that when your staff are happy and well-provisioned, their work is finished earlier, to a higher quality, and with more enthusiasm than when they’re feeling demotivated and unhappy.

One of your primary goals to drive productivity, then, it is to keep your staff happy, motivated, and engaged throughout the working week. This article introduces four tried-and-tested ways to manage your team optimally.


Regular Sense-Checks

Staff respond well to feedback and conversations with their managers. In one-to-one meetings, members of the team can talk about how they’re performing in their roles, what stresses they’re under, and how they feel they could improve.

Meanwhile, you’re able to talk them through areas of improvement you’ve spotted for their careers, helping nourish them so that they produce better work, and become more valuable to your firm.

These conversations are about sharing and caring as well as optimizing, though – you need to allow your staff to feel comfortable talking to you in an informal setting to hear them out on what’s holding them back or preventing them from working perfectly in your organization.

Efficient Onboarding

No member of staff likes being new to a company. Not only do they have to learn how to inhabit their role best, but they’ve got a steep learning curve to climb with regards to your firm and the work it produces, and they have to learn plenty of names and form bonds with their colleagues.

To take the stress off new recruits – and to build employee journeys throughout their tenure at your firm – you should invest in high-quality HR software to help you manage and balance your staff from your HR department.


There’s nothing like a combined goal, or a group objective, to rally your staff to work towards certain targets. If productivity is your main objective, you’re going to need to offer some form of reward – a light at the end of the tunnel – for staff who are working hard to deliver on a project or a deadline that you’ve set as their immediate target.

Whether you reward through a night out celebration or a team away day, is up to you: what’s key is that you’re setting regular milestones for your staff to surge towards each month.

Pay Rises

When your staff work hard, you should give them a pay rise. The benefits of pay rises are two-fold.

On the one hand, you’re going to show the rewarded staff member that they’re increasing in value for your firm, and that you’ve noticed all the work they’re putting into your company. And on the other hand, their colleagues will see that working harder is a way to get a boost to their wage packet.

This is what you should be aiming at as a key motivational move for your staff.

Use these tips to boost your staff’s motivation and wellbeing in on the job throughout the working week.

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