Recently, more and more pet owners are realizing how crucial it is to have pet insurance. Not only can it save you tons of money, but it also gives you peace of mind. When accidents happen, it’s nice to know you have a strong insurance plan behind you.

You never want to sacrifice the quality of your pet’s care for money. Unfortunately though, with how expensive vet bills can get, this is a reality that many pet owners face.

The best pet insurance policy is one that offers fair pricing, a high level of care, and full transparency with its customers. These are the three most important qualities of a great pet insurance company.

When it comes to the health of your pet, it’s not enough to simply have insurance. You have to have the right insurance.

This can be defined in different ways for different pets. For instance, if your pet is in need of a particular treatment or medication, it makes sense to find a plan that covers those services.

Ultimately, you’ll need to find a plan that meets the specific needs of your pet. Before you commit to one plan, make sure to conduct extensive research on the brand and its policies!


Fair Pricing

The biggest challenge in choosing a pet insurance plan is deciding if the plan you’re buying is fair. Every company has different rules. Every company has its pros and cons.

Some factors to consider are how much your co-pay and deductible will be. Your co-pay is the set amount you pay for visits, even when the insurance helps cover it. Generally, co-pays are calculated as a percentage of the medical cost, between 10 percent and 30 percent.

Meanwhile, your deductible is how much you have to pay before your benefits are activated. Typically, higher premiums offer lower deductibles. They also tend to provide more coverage.

Another thing to check for is the payout limit of your plan. Most companies have a yearly payout limit, as well as a lifetime payout limit. The payout limit is the maximum amount of money the company is willing to cover.

As great as it would be to have an infinite amount of services covered, this simply isn’t feasible for insurance companies.

Before committing to a plan, come up with a rough estimate of your pet’s yearly and lifetime expenses and compare it the payout limits.

High Level of Care

Besides price, you also need to take into account the level of care you’re going to receive. The insurance plan you choose should give you access to the best possible care.

Check what services your plan covers. What exclusions do they have? Will these exclusions affect you in the future? Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to be saving on.

Also take a look at what vets you have access to. Pet insurance brands allow you to choose what vet you want to see. When evaluating a brand, do some research on the vets in their network.

You want to choose a pet insurance brand that is accepted by the top vets in your immediate area. Remember; in an emergency situation, you don’t want to have to drive an hour away to get your pet help.

Pricing is important. However, when choosing a pet insurance plan, a high level of care is even more important.

You want to be confident in your ability to take care of your pet. Part of the reason you’re paying for insurance is so you can have peace of mind. Take advantage of that and go with a plan that you can trust.

Full Transparency

Last but not least, you should choose an insurance plan that is transparent about its policies.

Look for companies that address specific concerns you have. Stay far away from brands that use broad or obscure language when detailing their coverage.

As a customer, you should know exactly what you’re paying for. Don’t take any chances with your pet’s health.

It also helps to read the mission statement or story of the company. Ask yourself; are these the type of people that you want to entrust with your pet’s health? Let this question guide you in your journey.

Before you decide on a plan, it’s wise to look at other plans and compare them side by side. Rank the plans using categories of affordability, quality of care, and transparency. This simple exercise will help you make a decision!

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