Owning an online store has its perks and challenges, where the success of your enterprise primarily depends on closing out purchase deals with potential buyers.

Of course, you want to sell as many items as possible to make tons of profit. But many hindrances may block your path from time to time.

For example, let’s say a customer visits your store and after a good look around they choose the item they want. Naturally, they’ll add it to their cart and look for a purchasing manual for guidance through the process.

If this step takes any longer than a few seconds, that customer is most likely to abandon their cart, plunging you into oblivion.

Similarly, several queries about discounts, packaging information, or special events are better handled if there is an option for live assistance with a real person. Else you lose a potential customer forever.


Why Co-browsing?

As we’re moving into an exclusively digital world, we are also adapting to the virtual environment making it as lifelike and practical as possible.

Co-browsing is a stepping stone for the next generation of e-commerce, where modern technology will allow seamless and secure connectivity between a store and the buyer.

Co-browsing aims to achieve an environment where customers experience mimicry of a real-life store. An employee guides the visitors through the collection and answers all the questions, but in this case, virtually through a browser.

How Can Co-browsing Boosts Sales?

If you own an online store or a reusable product (such as software) then you can implement co-browsing to achieve significant growth in your sales numbers. Here are a few factors that prove to be a catalyst for such a boost:

Miles Better Than Screen Sharing:

You might have heard about screen sharing and are aware of how it works to offer a view of your screen to the other person.

Co-browsing takes it further and incorporates helpful tools such as video, audio, and restricted app access to perform actions or change settings.

Not only does it solve many miscommunication problems, but it also helps an online store guide confused customers seamlessly through a set channel.

Incredibly Easy to Use:

Often when a new technology comes, it is a pain to use, especially if you’re technology-impaired or incredibly uninterested.

However, with co-browsing, the process is overly simple, and you can establish a connection in only a few steps.

The way it works is that the online store shares a link with the customer and they both stay connected through the browsers on each device. This way, your store will get more people on board every day.

No Need for Extra Tools or Software:

Another reason co-browsing is instrumental and convenient for online stores is the lack of additional software or downloadable content.

Users can open their browsers to instantly link with the customer support representative, and the CSR can then stay with the visitor until they’ve made a choice or completed their purchase.

Since people will find it effortless to get on board with a helping hand during their shopping endeavours, you’ll notice more customer engagements and boosted sales numbers.

Secure and Safe Channel:

People value a secure channel that eradicates the ever-growing threat of online fraud or a hacking attack that may cause them to lose precious information or belongings. Co-browsing includes detailed security features that allow secure navigation through the web.

Additionally, sensitive user data such as credit card information has a masked layer on top by default, so the CSR cannot access it. This design gives users a sense of security that eventually benefits your brand’s reputation.

No Delay:

We saw the rise of live chatbots, but it didn’t quite live up to their potential, and the many delay flaws make it a less than ideal choice for any customer to reach you out.

Co-browsing solves this issue with real-time assistance, so the potential buyer feels cared for and goes ahead with the purchase. If you want to keep the visitors engaged and not feel unwelcomed, co-browsing is the way to go.


Ecommerce is a commanding industry in the world right now, and it’s growing exponentially with each passing day.

You can take advantage of this incredible opportunity through innovative practices such as co-browsing that elevate the customer experience and make you stand out from the rest.

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