Luckily, we’re still miles away from what happens in sci-fi books about AI (I’m thinking of an I, Robot scenario). Yet, AI has definitely transformed technology for good, and there’s no turning back. Slowly but surely, we feel the impact of AI and machine learning on a daily basis, every time we call Alexa or unlock our phone. And not only that, but we love how much our lives have become more effortless. AI and machine learning seem to make everything easier and more practical.

So, it’s only natural to be excited about the latest technology predictions related to AI and machine learning. They have so much potential! What are those predictions, you ask? Read on and find out!


Ai Writing Technology Boom

Recently, the whole internet community’s been raging about ChatGPT and its supposedly incredible content-writing properties. If you’ve already tested it, then you must’ve felt in awe despite the prejudice. ChatGPT seems to be the best version of the latest generation of AI-writing tools and chatbots, such as Jasper or Simplified.

Open AI has created AI writing software that can respond to your direct questions, give solid recommendations, and write essays, code, or blog posts following some basic input. Of course, it’s not perfect in all instances. One of the biggest flaws is the fact that it doesn’t handle data after 2021, so it can’t get recent updates. This used to be the issue with Jasper as well, though this tool didn’t handle data after 2019.

Overall, the AI writing software competition is fierce, and it’s only going to get stronger. As Google has officially declared that it’s OK with AI-generated content as long as it’s serving the E-E-A-T purpose, we can rightfully expect two things. The first is a surge in AI and machine learning tech investments. The second, of course, is an impatient horde of new AI software users.  

Search Engine Rivalry

AI and machine learning are transforming our internet experience. In other words, this year they’ll completely reshape our online lives, especially if Microsoft’s Bing continues with its effort to challenge Google, this time with their chatbot version. We’re used to googling terms and information, but what if we seriously start “binging” (but not in the sense of watching endless episodes)?

The latest Microsoft bing feature should be able to give us detailed answers and plans to various queries. For example, it can plan the courses for the dinner you’re hosting, or give you a detailed road itinerary.

Sadly, it’s not perfect yet, and you can expect to find a couple of mistakes along the road. On the other hand, this is another indicator of how we’re not going to have to do research and make estimations all on our own.

Decision Management

AI and machine learning are going to have an even bigger say in making business decisions. Organizations and businesses are already using AI decision management to calculate risks and profits and make fast decisions. Or should we say, they’re using AI software so that it can decide for them?

AI-based decisions are fast, nearly unbiased, and becoming very popular. That’s thanks to the ML algorithms, which can quickly process large amounts of data to provide insights that can inform decisions and strategies.

Biometric Revolution

We’re already using biometric solutions more than we realize. Setting face recognition on your iPhone can be a double-edged sword, but fingerprint identification usually works fine. COVID-19 has definitely encouraged contactless actions, so people now feel better when they simply tap their card instead of handing it over to the waiter or shop assistant. Companies have introduced touchless access to buildings as well.

In the future, biometric achievements are going to become even more common. Security and data protection are some of the main reasons. For instance, we can expect biometric scanning of remote workers to ensure their identity. Multifactor authentication is expanding for the same reason, so biometric scanning will just be another request we need to fulfill to gain access to sensitive data.

However, don’t think that someone is going to push you into succumbing to giving your biometric data. Most people will start requesting biometric check-ups to access bank accounts.

Automation Goals

It slows the workflow and makes both workers and employers frustrated. Also, eliminating manual data entry is just one of the examples of how automated software can help speed up the business. Its effect is also noticeable in social media marketing. Automated posts help you reach a greater audience by posting at the best time for each social media platform.

Moreover, AI-enhanced automation processes are simply invaluable in the sales department. When you delay your response time from 5 to 10 minutes, your odds of qualifying a lead diminish by an astounding 400%. Thanks to automation, you can smartly route leads, sharing them with reps, thus giving them the much-needed data in an instant.

Cybersecurity Benefits

Admittedly, AI is a kind of double agent when it comes to cybersecurity.

On the one hand, hackers are taking advantage of AI and machine learning to execute sophisticated attacks. Even automation is a part of their cunning plan. On the other, we continue using machine learning and AI to recognize threats and attacks even sooner. Just as the attacks are becoming harder to recognize, the defense systems are becoming more and more skilled. Spam filtering, bot identification, malware identification, breach risk prediction, phishing detection, and password protection — all protection systems benefit from using AI.

Is there going to be a clear winner in this battle? Not really. What we can conclude without a doubt, though, is that cybersecurity breakthroughs are inevitable. Both sides are certainly very motivated to succeed.

To sum up, AI and machine learning are so intertwined in our lives via everyday technology that it’s impossible to imagine our private or business lives without them. As time passes, we can only expect them to take over a larger part of our lives.

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