Customers are getting more complex by the day, yet the competition is also stiffer. Brands are not leaving anything to chance as they try to stand out from the crowd. It is no secret that a business can get into a winning position by using the best e-commerce personalization tools.

What many businesses may wonder is when the perfect time to make the move for this strategy is. Is now the best time or is it better to take your time before personalizing your site? If you are in such a situation, you will know you need personalization now if the following points apply to you.


You Don’t Have a Solid Customer Base

Every e-commerce site that looks to stand the test of time must continually build a customer base. Longevity and personalization are inseparable. When a website has product recommendations for visitors, there is a 56% chance that these customers will come back.

Personalization shows your customers that you think about them and their needs. When they feel valued, a sense of loyalty grows. Buyers notice businesses that treat them uniquely by being loyal. So get your personalization journey now to start developing a customer base that will keep your business growing.

Your Customer Experience is Not Satisfactory

One of the aspects of your business that will improve almost instantly when you start the personalization strategy is the customer experience. Personalization is very effective in keeping tabs on clients’ preferences and guiding new clients when they visit the store. No wonder close to 100% of marketers agree that the customer experience is much improved by personalization.

Gather as much data about your clients and personalize your e-commerce site with product visualization and you will realize how differentiated your business will be from your competition.

Customer Engagement is Not as Impressive as You Wish

When customers interact with your business, what are the chances that they will feel the need to engage again? Research shows that people tend to engage with a business that shows personalization concerning previous contacts or interactions.

So, a business has no choice but to know the details about its customers – interests, preferences, concerns, etc. That is if the business wants to improve its engagement performance. If a customer has some connection to what is on the e-commerce site, then chances are that they will be interested in visiting again.

The Conversion Rate is Worrying

There is every reason for you to worry if the conversion rate on your e-commerce site is not impressive. The rate indicates how well your e-commerce business can meet its goals. It is a metric of how many are signing in for your offerings, buying your items, contacting the customer care team, and so on.

Research has shown that customers are inclined to buy from businesses that give customized recommendations. When you add personalization to your e-commerce site, the conversion rate will most likely increase.

Businesses can use all sorts of methods to achieve this, including giving recommendations when the visitor is about to exit the e-commerce site.

How to Add Personalization to Your E-commerce Site, Today

If you have decided to add personalization to your site, then you need to consider a few aspects. As you start this journey, I wish to remind you of one important thing – focus on the goals of the customer, not yours. Yours is only to help the customer achieve these goals.

First, identify the target audience. This might involve a lot of data analysis, but it is necessary. Armed with the data, it is possible to generate customer profiles, then match specific expectations with the customer’s shopping experiences.


E-commerce personalization is crucial, but even more so because your competitors are using this strategy. You cannot let them beat you at this. It is a fight for sales so the sooner you start e-commerce personalization, the better for your business. In case you were not sure if you need personalization for your e-commerce site, we shared several points that could mean that you need this strategy as soon as today. For a furniture retailer looking to visualize and personalize content, try this site.

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