Remote learning has come to the rescue of many people during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the huge number of diseases, people were in quarantine and almost could not go out.

The current situation prevented many ordinary and important actions, including the traditional education of people. A huge number of people could not receive knowledge in the way they used to.

It was at this point that distance education came to the aid of these people. Yes, it appeared long before the pandemic, but it began to gain the greatest popularity at that very moment.

This way of learning gave people the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications, and even learn new professions at home.

Today, the coronavirus epidemic is gradually ending and many restrictions are being lifted, so people can live their daily lives as they did before the pandemic.

It would seem that it is possible to return to traditional education, however, more and more people are resorting to the help of distance education. There are reasons for this.

In the context of convenience, it is many times superior to its traditional counterpart. Almost anyone can acquire knowledge at any time and from any place.

At the same time, online learning does not lose its effectiveness. Together, these factors explain why people prefer online education to traditional, because its use is more productive for both teachers and students.

If you are a teacher, this method of teaching makes it possible to quickly and effectively prepare for lessons. To do this, you need certain knowledge and special online training software.

It is necessary to create varied and interesting courses.

Choosing the right content creation tools is incredibly important and has a big impact on the success of an educational program as a whole.

Therefore, below we will consider the most distance learning software for content construction.


1. iSpring Learn

This program has a wide range of features that allow you to manage the creation of content.

With this cloud LMS, you can upload any number of educational materials, distribute content to students or employees of business companies, and use analytics to track results.

iSpring Learn allows you to author course development with virtually no restrictions. The functionality of this program is extensive, however, understanding, it will not take much time.

The interface here is clear, convenient, and easy to understand. Due to a large number of functions in the platform, you can design both simple and quick courses, as well as really complex courses, the creation of which takes a little more time.

iSpring Learn has integration with Zoom, which allows you to create video conferences and communicate via video calls. Using the built-in tool, you can gamify content, add

animations, quizzes, dialogue simulations and much more. The subscription price depends on the number of people and starts from $3.66 per person.

2. Google Classroom

This platform is great for educators who want to create courses and e-learning programs. This tool can be used anytime and anywhere with virtually no restrictions.

The interface of this system is not difficult to understand, which allows you to start creating content as quickly as possible. Google Classroom has all the functionality you need to design varied and effective courses.

This platform also allows you to track progress and create lesson plans. To date, you can use the free version of this platform, but the developers promise a paid version with more extensive functionality in the near future.

3. Adobe Captivate Prime

It is a professional content creation tool. The program has a huge functionality that allows you to design courses and conduct the educational process with all the conveniences and great opportunities.

This platform allows you to divide people into separate groups and share content between them. Also, using Adobe Captivate Prime, you can share courses with those people who need them and comment on the content created.

This system enables maximum personalization of the educational process for each individual employee of the company.

The reporting function will allow you to structure all the necessary information and draw conclusions and correct errors based on it. Subscription prices start at $4 per person.

4. dominKnow ONE

It is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create different types of courses for learning. The system has at its disposal a large functionality with which you can gamify courses, create graphics, quizzes and much more.

Also in dominKnow ONE there are many ready-made templates and libraries with various content that simplify the creation of courses and speed up the process of designing them.

Plus, there is the possibility of joint work on a project by several people at the same time, which is very convenient and efficient. You can also adapt content for mobile devices or localize it for any region.

The subscription price is $1497 per year.

5. Lectora

This tool is a great option for creating e-learning courses. The platform has been on the market for a long time and is a reliable and efficient tool.

The functionality of Lectora allows you to create both the most simple and complex courses with gamification elements and animation elements.

Also, this system has at its disposal a special resource library, which contains more than 120 million different elements. The subscription price starts from 1299 for one year of use.

The above distance training software is distinguished by reliability, great functionality, convenience and efficiency. With it, you can create really interesting and varied courses in order to give knowledge to a huge number of people.

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