Throughout history, the sun has been a symbol of strength, growth, health, passion, and the cycle of life in several cultures and religions. Others view the sun as a deity to be revered, while some view it as a representation of the greater self.

The sun is venerated for its power to create life, which allows crops to flourish and maintain villages. Typically, Native American tribes featured sun motifs in their art-documented and generationally transmitted stories. In Egyptian culture, a sun disc with wings represented protection. Egyptians also revered Ra, the sun deity.

It is a “yang” sign connected with fire, masculine characteristics, and heaven in Chinese culture. Due to its daily cycle, the sun is viewed by many as a metaphor for the cycle of life. It rises at dawn with the beginning of the day’s life and must ultimately “die” or set.

In popular culture of the 20th century, the sun grants Superman tremendous power. This helps him to defend and rescue anyone in peril.

Sunlight is required for vitamin D absorption. It also accelerates the healing of injuries. For instance, a research on multiple sclerosis indicated that exposure to sunlight improved mortality in patients with the illness.

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