At this point, the need to explain the rationale behind the global quarantine orders would be redundant. Everybody knows why, and there’s no longer a reason to reiterate it. However, even as the dangers of the virus are apparent and are being taken with due urgency, one aspect of health that we all seem to forget is that of mental health.

While most illnesses and injuries can be treated at hospitals and pain relief centers such as Seattle Pain Relief, there is a more subtle danger at home.

Humans are inherently social beings, in that we thrive on social interaction.

To have to stay cooped in your home all day for weeks if not months can be be a painful blow to our stability, especially when you live alone. Not only that, but try to also remember that not everyone is able to work from home, and thus, their skills are rendered unused, much like how the blade is more likely to break in its un-use, rather than its use.

So, the Question is;


How Do You Stay Mentally Sharp During Quarantine?

#1. Establish Routines

The most tangible effects of a quarantine comes in the form of a disruption in your daily routines.

It’s easy to feel directionless without a stable routine, which is why it’s important to create new routines during quarantine.

This helps create a sense of security in that you have a degree of predictability during your day.

#2. Stay Active

Even short periods of inactivity can lead to a significant loss of muscle mass and it can even considerably affect your metabolic rates. In order to maintain your fitness levels, it’s important to try to find ways to exercise, even without equipment.

There are many bodyweight exercises that you can do in order so that you’re able to stay active during quarantine. It can even help stave off boredom and it will help keep your energy levels high, as well as your Dopamine levels.

#3. Maintain Communication

One of the most difficult things to contend with during quarantine is the lack of social interactions. While there is indeed a need for social distancing, we have technology on our side.

Try to nurture your friendships, even by asking people how they’re doing, you’re going to be able to fulfill the need for social interaction. This not only helps you fulfill such a need, but it also helps show solidarity between you and your network.

#4. Find Recreation

Another thing you need in order to stay sane during quarantine is that you have to find a means to express what energy you have.

This can come in so many forms: you can read, you can find old hobbies that you didn’t have time to do because of the rigors of the daily grind, and you can even consider learning a new craft.

Additionally, you can take an online top or bottom quiz to figure out your areas of weakness.

You could even learn a new skill with all the free time that we now have because of the quarantine.

While it may not seem like much help, by adhering to your quarantine, you are helping in reducing the likelihood for new infections.

Stay healthy, stay sane, and most importantly, stay alive. May this information guide you during these times.

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