Boosting your home’s curb appeal is a great way to make it more attractive to prospective buyers as well as enhance its value. According to a study published in Consumer Reports, outdoor improvements, such as siding repairs, landscaping or the addition of a patio can increase the value of your home from 3% to 5%.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or not, improving its outward appearance can provide a sense of satisfaction and pride for any homeowner. There are several relatively inexpensive tasks you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home which can also lead to an increase in its appraised value.

In this article, we will take a look at some simple ways you can spruce up the outside of your house.


Siding Repairs

Siding is one of the most prominent features of your home’s appearance, so it’s important it looks at its best. If your siding is worn-out or dilapidated, replacing it can give your home an instant lift.

Over the years, your siding can come apart or become dirty, especially if your home is situated close to a busy road. In many cases, dirt and grime will come off with scrubbing, however, in some cases, the stains will be harder to remove.

Whether your home’s siding is stained, faded, loose or sagging it may be time to strip it off and replace it with something more durable and modern-looking such as fiber cement. Consider hiring some experts in your area by searching online for siding repair near me.


A lush, green well-maintained lawn can boost a home’s curb appeal while instilling any homeowner with a sense of pride and joy for their garden and home. Mulching, weeding and mowing are just some of the activities that will help your lawn look at its vibrant best all year round. If this sounds too time-consuming, consider alternatives such as artificial turf which requires very little maintenance, yet gives the appearance of freshly cut grass any time of the year.

If you do not have a lawn, create some greenery by placing potted plants in front of your home to make it stand out. Add some color to your front yard by planting some flowers or placing some flower boxes along your porch or window sills. Prevent any shrubs or hedges from becoming overgrown and unsightly by keeping them neatly trimmed.


The roof is another aspect of your home which stands out the most and will affect its curb appeal. As your roof begins to age it can fade in color, become covered in moss or have broken or missing pieces. It can also become damaged from weather conditions such as hail and strong winds.

Your roof makes up almost half of your home’s external appearance so it is worth repairing a damaged roof where possible. This could involve replacing broken or missing tiles, sealing leaks, unclogging gutters or improving drainage. Regular roofing maintenance will not only extend its lifespan, but will also ensure your home looks as good as new from the outside.

Porch Features

Make the entryway into your home look attractive and inviting by giving your front door a fresh lick of paint or replacing it with something more modern. Select a color that accentuates the other features and complements the overall look of your home and update your home’s address by replacing it with attractively designed numbering that is visually appealing and easy to identify by passersby.

Clean away any cobwebs and dirt and brighten up a dark and dreary porch by adding some outdoor lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, pendant lighting or a hanging lantern to illuminate your front door and to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to your home.

If your porch allows it, consider adding some seating such as a relaxing rocking chair, glider or porch swing to give a friendly feel to your home and neighborhood.

Driveway Details

Your driveway is the entrance to your home, so it’s important to make sure it is in good condition by tending to any cracks, weeds or uneven paving.

Dirt and grime can be easily cleaned using a power washer, while any cracked or eroded aspects may need to be replaced or repaired. With time and use, your driveway can become cracked or pitted allowing water to seep in and erode the base below. If left unattended, it can begin to look rundown and diminish the rest of your home’s appearance. Keep it well maintained by filling any cracks, protecting the edges and applying the right sealing.

With these five points in mind, you can enhance your home’s appearance and curb appeal in no time.

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