Flipping through the news can be a cause of great anxiety for many, especially when you discover that the government is planning to raise commodity prices, including energy.

Receiving an unexpectedly high electricity bill can be alarming and upsetting, especially if you have actively tried to cut down on your usage.

If the recent increase in energy prices has made you more aware of how much electricity you use for lights, washing, and cooking, then read on!

We have compiled some useful information to help you save your hard-earned money, such as tips to keep in mind when you compare energy plans and useful hacks to cut down on your electricity usage that you can start implementing today!

Easy Ways to Save on Electricity

When you reduce the temperature of the rooms you use the most, it is good to maintain a temperature of 25 degrees. You will be more comfortable being kept cool while also saving money on your utility bill.

You could also start cooling your home earlier, as well as using your washer when the sun is at its brightest if you use solar energy.

When doing laundry, use cold water instead of warm washes. This would save you approximately more than one hundred dollars every year.

Between the late afternoons to early evenings, avoid using devices like your dishwasher. This might save you $100 annually.

Switch off unnecessary appliances at the power outlet — devices and appliances on standby can consume about a tenth of your total electricity consumption.

Remember to Turn Off the Electricity When You Are Not Using It

When you are about to go to sleep or just about to exit your house, always keep in mind to turn off electrical appliances like your air conditioner, and heater.

This may be hard to remember doing, especially if you are in a rush, but with time it will become a habit! You can leave post-it notes at your door as a reminder before you leave

By using a switch or remote to turn things off at the plug, you are able to save much more energy than leaving them on standby, as leaving them on standby increases the likelihood of consuming more energy than you might think.

Try not to leave any appliances and technological devices on throughout the night. Also, while you are not around, turn off your computer and any other devices such as routers and printers.

Most computers include energy-saving features that can be turned on to switch the laptop and display off after a period of not using the device.

Blinds and Doors Can Help

There are a few basic things you can do to save money on making yourself more comfortable during hotter and colder weather without compromising your welfare and well-being.

Close doors to places you do not use and just chill or heat the regions where you usually spend the bulk of your time at.  Also, make sure your drapes or blinds are properly sealed throughout the cooler months.

Leave your curtains drawn during the day during the hotter seasons. Your house will stay cooler if you employ exterior shadings like outdoor blinds or canvas umbrellas to block the sun shining through your windows.

Not only that, restrict draughts at surrounding doors and windows to prevent cool air from escaping.

Your Kitchen May Drain the Most Energy

Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is among your most expensive equipment because it runs the whole day.

Of course, turning on your fridge will not be an option as you need it to store food and other necessities but there are a few methods you can adopt to cut costs.

You should ideally keep your fridge below 5 degrees, and it is also the recommended fridge temperature. The optimum freezer setting should be below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for your fridge to run as well as it could.

Check that the refrigerator door latch is firm and that there are no holes or flaws allowing cold air to escape. If you happen to have a back up refrigerator or freezer, only use it when necessary.

When You Cook

Put frozen meals in the refrigerator in the earlier part of the day so that they could use the time to defrost and cut down on the evening cooking process.

When cooking, utilize the microwave whenever applicable. Microwaves consume significantly less energy than electric ovens.

To cut cooking time on the stove, leave covers on the pots. Prepare to make more to have leftovers for the following day or week. Keep any leftover meals frozen.

Compare Energy Prices

Comparing energy deals is one of the simplest methods to cut energy expenditures. Different providers have different rates, and plans, some of which offer a better deal than others.

Depending on your electric usage and budget, changing your energy provider will give you more bang for your buck!

You should conduct thorough research to determine which companies provide the greatest rates on power and what is accessible on the market.

There are websites and services that allow you to compare offers from more than 15 energy providers across a variety of commodities in order to find the best and cheapest energy deals.

You’ll need an internet-connected device, a current bill, as well as some details about your residence to be more effective when doing so. After that, you may relax and let the website or service handle the rest.

The comparison typically takes less than 15 minutes, and consumers can save an average of more than three hundred dollars per year on their energy bills.


Saving energy is not a difficult task if you are willing to put in the effort to figure out where you are using the most energy and make it a habit to rectify it whenever possible.

It frequently entails playing with your equipment, determining what consumes the most energy, and determining the best way to reduce it.

We can’t avoid using energy entirely, but there are certain guaranteed methods you can use at home to prevent paying extra bills and placing yourself in more financial distress.

It pays to pay attention to details even more!

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