Information technology (IT) and the technology have made it possible for businesses to access wider markets and increase sales and revenue. That said, cyber-attacks now pose a real threat to all businesses.

Hackers and other cybercriminals will search for vulnerabilities in your network and exploit these to steal your sensitive information.

A data breach can destroy your business by causing huge capital loss and severe damage to your reputation.

Fortunately, there are dozens of simple ways to protect your network and digital assets. Here are some top tips to improve cybersecurity in your business:


Hire a Cybersecurity Auditor

A cybersecurity auditor is a professional who works with companies to assess and improve their computer security systems.

Also called a penetration tester, these cybersecurity professionals will attempt to hack into your network to identify your online security systems’ weaknesses.

A cybersecurity auditor will attempt to hack into your network to identify your online security systems’ weaknesses.

A security audit will give you a realistic overview of the effectiveness of your computer security systems. You can use this information to update your cybersecurity and provide better protection against online threats.

These threats are constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are using new and complex hacking techniques.

This is why you should conduct regular cybersecurity audits in the workplace. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are safeguarded against common security threats.

Replace Your Computer Desktops

Modern computer desktops have firewalls and anti-virus software built in to protect your data and digital assets. Replacing your computer desktops can therefore be an effective way to boost your cybersecurity.

On top of added security, new computer desktops can also improve workplace productivity by allowing your staff to complete digital tasks faster and more efficiently.

Computer desktops are the most-used piece of equipment in most offices, so updating them is a worthwhile investment. Take a look at lenovo for the latest computer desktops available.

Organize Cybersecurity Training

Human error is a major source of cybersecurity breaches. Failing to train your staff on online security is going to put your company at serious risk of a cyber-attack.

You should provide all of your team with regular ongoing training and make them aware of the latest trends in cybersecurity.

For instance, enforce a company policy that employees should never open an attachment from an unknown source or leave their computers unlocked when they’re away from their desks.

You can hire an external security company to come into your workplace and run cybersecurity training sessions with your team.

This training will boost your employee’s cyber awareness and minimize your risk of a security breach.

Control Access to Computers

You must control access to your physical computers and prevent authorized people from using your workplace computers. Create an account for each employee and tell them not to share the log-in details with anyone.

Encourage your team members to choose strong passwords that they update regularly. Criminals often target laptops, so keep them in a secure location like a locked cabinet or desk.

If your employees are required to take work laptops home, then encourage them to follow good security habits to keep the laptop and data safe. Implement solutions like hybrid identity security protocols if you operate a hybrid working environment. 

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