We all love to upgrade our phones with the technology change. Selling the phone has become quite easy nowadays with many options such as sell and trade in your phone online.

But there are few things that you need to consider while selling your smartphones.


Backing Up All the Contacts and Messages

If you are someone who tends to rely on google apps then there won’t be any issues with transferring the data from one device to another especially if you are using an android phone.

Generally, all the contacts get backed up to your Google account when you sign up during setting up the device.

If you wish to check the email ID on which the data has been backed up then you would need to simply open the google play store and click on the burger menu on the top left side which would open the sidebar and you would be able to see the linked email Id over there.

Here you would not need to do anything to back up your emails as those are already synched over the mailing server.

If you remember the login credentials then there is no chance of losing the email.

You can double-check the same by logging into the same email ID on your desktop and check if you can find the same emails.

If you wish to back up all the contacts on your android device then you would need to enable the contacts sync from the menu from the account setting option.

Alternatively, you can also check all the contacts by visiting www.contacts.google.com and login in with your credentials.

You can click on the Settings option and scroll down to the bottom of the list to select the account. Here you can look for a primary Google account and click on it to select.

After this go to account sync and cross-check whether the contact sync is enabled or not. Similarly, you can back up your text messages as well with the help of an application SMS backup and restore.

You can download it from the play store and create the XML backup from there. You can sync this XML backup over cloud services such as Dropbox or Google drive.

It would be restored on your new device with the help of the same app.

If you wish to back up the call history records then you can use the app Super backup and restore. You can use this app to back up many things from your device.

Backing Up the Media

There are many ways to backup the photos and videos to a safe external storage device or on cloud storage. You can do this by connecting your phone to the computer via USB cable.

Once you connect you would see the option of a USB drive on the PC. If you are using MAC then you would need to install the app called Android file transfer.

All of your photos and videos captured by the camera would be stored in the folder called DCIM. Here you can copy the particular folder and move it to your desktop.

You can also use the option of google photos to sync the photos which offer free unlimited high-resolution photo backups from the smartphone.

Backing Up the WhatsApp

Another step to take before selling your phone is to take the backup of your WhatsApp messages.

If it is not done correctly then you may lose all the data and the conversation while there is no way of restoring the same.

You can back up the WhatsApp data with google drive and this same backup can be used to restore your WhatsApp chats to the new device.

You can open the WhatsApp application and click on settings. Here you would need to select the chat back up from the chat option.

Here you would get the option of backup to google drive. You would need to add your Google account if it is not connected.

Make sure you select the Wi-Fi option to backup the data like the backup process can cause additional mobile data consumption.

You can now use this backup and restore the data to the new device at any time.

Once you are done with these primary backup steps you can do the factory reset to remove all the linked accounts.

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