Call of Duty has been one of the multiplayer games that have garnered a large fan following its stellar graphics, almost real gameplay, and a vast selection of arms and ammunition.

With Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has recreated the magic of the classic game with, of course, added twists and more gripping gameplay.

However, if you seem stuck in the game at some point, here are some amazing modern warfare hacks that can save your life in the game.


One for the Team

Now, this may sound like an obvious piece of advice to you, considering Call of Duty is a multiplayer game. However, most people often forget to practice what they have preached and get killed fast.

Align yourself with the team’s objective because trust the experts; no solid kill-death ratio would help you if you cannot secure match results in your favor at the end of the day.

Moreover, the game also lets you earn brownie points for putting in a team effort.

Yes! The Spec Ops challenge is a tremendous opportunity that requires four teammates to coordinate with each other in a unique wave-based survival mode.

If you win this challenge as a team, you can also unlock your favorite weapons and gears.

The development team behind Modern Warfare has better multiplayer modes and a massive user base for you to team up with and win.

Live by the Second

One of the rookie mistakes players make in Call of Duty is to stock up their weapons and ammunition without putting them to good use in COD.

The map has been designed so the player will be facing a lethal enemy on every route. Alongside the objective to win the game, the short-term goal must be to squeeze a few extra seconds in the game and make use of the weapons to kill the enemy off.

Another important thing is to never rely on the default settings of the game. The moment you feel that your movements are wearing down or getting slow, tweak your settings immediately.

Change the default sensitivity of the aim, which is awfully low in the settings.

As a player, when your gaming with the new weapon settings you’ll see an amazing change, especially in battle royale mode on the PC.

Plan the Reloads

Killing the enemy is an essential part of the game, and the maps are designed to boost your killing streak but, at the same time, knock you down.

Thus, it is essential to grab each and every chance of survival. A significant reason why most players die in the middle of the game is because of reloads.

Hold your urge to refill the ammo after you kill the next enemy and wait till you are left with a couple of bullets.

Look for an area on the map that is an enemy-free area or head out to no man’s land, and you can reload your weapons quickly.

Using this strategy will allow you to last longer in battle royale where you want to be one of the last gamers alive.

In the realistic game world, you can also run around a dead player and pick up his players quickly, just make sure you happen to be in a hidden location so you don’t get sniped during these times.

You can find advanced info on Modern Warfare setups on YouTube and various other sites.

Customize Your Loadout

Call of Duty Modern Warfare offers you multiple chances to quickly pick from a wide array of loadouts consisting of guns, packs, and other ammunition.

Additionally, you can also unlock more guns as you advance in the game.

However, it would be a great idea to optimize your own loadout, which has all the right settings to address your needs in times of crisis.

Pick guns of your choice, add muzzles, scopes, and add any other tool you want.

Another hack that can be exercised mid-game if your loadout isn’t working for you is to select a new loadout while you respawn.

This gives you an added advantage, plus you can also go after the loadout drops, but be careful the enemy will always be waiting for you at these locations.

So, to sum it all up, Call of Duty is one of the few PC games based on the skill, intuition, and familiarity of the player with the game’s environment.

There is no single route that can help you win all the challenges since the game aligns itself per the player. All you need to remember is to play for your team and stay with your team.

The ultimate goal in the game should always be to extend your life until the end and never run off on your own, especially in Warzone.

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