Not a lot is certain about the future, but if one prediction seems solid, it’s that technology will remain the main driver of innovation. Perhaps nobody can say what smartphones or video games will look like.

However, kids with STEM skills will be in the best position to create the technology everybody uses years from now.

That means kids need to get learning today, and online summer coding courses provide the best way to get the STEM skills kids need.

Please read on to hear more about what the best summer coding camp for kids can offer.


Video Games at the Core

Children today love playing video games so much that the industry has risen from taking quarters in arcades to being worth several billion dollars annually.

During the pandemic, the video game industry has surged above the worth of both movies and sports combined.

The leading summer boot camps put video games at the heart of their lessons by framing the instruction around creating a video game, one kids can play with their friends and family.

After creating their own game, kids will feel a rewarding sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that’s hard to get.

Plus, they’ll have so much fun during the lessons that they won’t even realize they’re learning vital math skills, like integers, vectors, and even trigonometry.

That’s because the leading coding programs use gamification concepts in the lessons, harnessing the dynamics that engage kids in video games for learning.

Pro Coding Languages Only

Some coding schools teach young kids drag-and-drop programs, like Scratch, which impart a general sense of what coding is like.

The problem is, no professional coder ever uses Scratch to build websites, apps, or video games.

Look for a program that teaches kids how to use powerful, popular coding languages used to build things like Netflix, Angry Birds, or Minecraft, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Soft computer skills are excellent, but kids also need directly transferrable skills employers value.

Small Classes With Young Teachers

No child wants to spend their summer competing with classmates to get their teacher’s attention. Leading coding programs cap class sizes at four, so every pupil effortlessly gets their instructor’s focus.

The best programs hire undergrads in computer science or computer engineering because of the compelling combination of subject matter expertise.

Recent experience navigating the STEM skill job market, and first-hand experience in youth playing video games.

When teachers can relate to their young students’ passion and back it up with knowledge and experience, kids will have all the support they need to thrive and absorb new skills.

Parents don’t want their children to fall behind when it comes to understanding the technology that will drive the future.

Kids are looking to have fun during summer, and many are intrigued by video games and the coding that underpins them.

To get the best of both worlds, sign your child up for an online programming boot camp this summer that meets the criteria described above.

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