Part-time employees make up a significant portion of Singapore’s workforce. People prefer this form of employment because of better work-life balance, searching for experience, and others are students. The latter contributes the most significant percentage of short-time workers.

Employers listing their openings on part time job sg job boards encourage part-time jobs because of flexibility and low employment costs. The differences in objectives between the two parties can make either party more, so the employee feels oppressed. 

However, with an idea of your rights as a part-time employee, you can stand for your rights. So, what are the rights of a part-time employee in Singapore? Read on.


Who is a Part-Time Employee?

The Ministry of Man Power defines a part-time employee as anyone under a contract of services to work under 35 hours weekly. However, managers, executives, seamen, and domestic workers are not part of that definition. Anyone doing part time jobs for students Singapore is also featured in the description. 

Rights of Part-Time Employees

They include;

Entitlement to Overtime Pay

Like a full-time worker, part-time employees may go beyond their stipulated working hours when duty calls. Part-time employees should receive overtime pay just like their full-time counterparts when this happens. The overtime pay rate may be similar to your hourly rate or one and half times your hourly rate.

Entitlement to Rest Days

According to the Employment Act, you are entitled to one rest day a week. Your employer should communicate the rest day to you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on Sunday. And in case you work on your rest days, you should be compensated accordingly.

However, the payment rates for work done on your rest day depend on whether the employer requested you or it was voluntarily. If the employer asks you to work on your rest days, the payment will be more than when you volunteer.

Public Holidays

Similar to full-time employees, part-time workers have an entitlement to public holidays. If you were to work during any public holiday in Singapore, your employer should compensate you. The pay should be subject to the number of hours you have worked.

Entitlement to Leave Days

Besides the differences in hours that part-time employees and full-time employees work, both have a right to paid leave days. The leave days include:

  • Annual leave 
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity, paternity, and childcare leave is eligible 

Your pay during the leave days should be on a pro-rated basis, similar to that of a full-time employee. And if you should work during the leave days, your employer should reward you appropriately.

Right to Work Injury Compensation

Provided you are under contract of service, you’re entitled to work injury compensation if you injure yourself at work.

Requirements of Part-Timers at Work

While employers have a role to play when employing part-timers, the employees also have to meet specific requirements. They include:

  • Contributions towards CPF: Any Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident, under the contract of service earning over $50 monthly, must contribute towards CPF. The contributions are regardless of whether you are a part-time or full-time worker.
  • Present a notice period: Unless otherwise stated in your contract, you should serve a one-week notice period before leaving the job.
  • Contract: Before you start any part-time job, ensure you have a signed contract between you and the employer. It should state the terms of your agreement, including; the hourly rate and the number of working days a week.

Be on the Know!

Part-time jobs for students in Singapore can be life-saving, especially when you are not from a wealthy family. You can raise funds to cater to your daily expenses and gain experience as you prepare for a full-time career. However, before signing that temporary employment contract, be aware of your rights.   

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