Though it is not a wiser option to move the food items especially when it is a long-distance move but there are many tips and tricks that help you to move specific food items.

Yes, you have piled up a lot of food items in the fridge as well as in your kitchen pantry.

Throwing these away looks like wastage of food and packing seems impossible so what you should do with these food items so that these can be used.

A long list of movers explains how food items can be safely transported during long-distance movers. If it is possible to transport these with the help of expert tips then you should choose this method.


1. Make an Inventory of Food Items

Grab a pen and paper in your hands then you should write what is in your hands. Write down all the items that are present in your pantry and fridge.

Then sort out all these food items according to their category so that the packing of the items becomes easier.

Divide these into perishable, non-perishable, baking and cooking supplies, and the items present in the glass bottles.

While sorting these items, you should also check the expiration date of the food items.

2. Get Rid of the Expired Food Items

If there are many food items present in your kitchen then you should get rid of the expired food items. You should throw out all the expired items.

3. Start Eating Your Frozen Stuff

It is recommended you to start eating and cooking the frozen stuff. Start eating your frozen items as soon as possible. It is a great way to consume the items earlier.

4. Use the Reasonably Sized Box

Food items are smaller in size therefore you should choose the right box only. If there are a lot of canned food items present at your home then it is recommended you use the small to medium size of boxes.

5. Pack the Non-perishable and Canned Items if Possible

While making an inventory of the items, you will get to know about the items which can be transported safely to the new place.

You can purchase non-perishable and unopened boxes of food for the new place. It is recommended you use small or medium-sized boxes when packing the food items.

The packing of the food items is one of the most difficult things to do during a move. With these tips, you can do this:

  • Food items are usually heavy so you should pack these into small or medium-sized boxes so that you can easily lift the box of the items and can load and unload it from the moving truck.
  • To protect the items from spilling then you should use the zipped bags to transport the items. This is great to pack items like rice or other open items present in the kitchen like spices, flour, and so on.
  • If there are vicious items such as mayonnaise, jams then you should use the waterproof zipper bags for transportation of these items.
  • Make sure you pack only the items which could be transferred without any risk of spoil else there is no benefit of packing these items.
  • And when the packing is done, don’t forget to label the items.

Some Additional Tips You Should Use Before Moving!!!

  • You should stop buying the food items and start using all the present food items in your fridge.
  • You should take the help of the trusted recipe book or the internet to get to know the recipes of the leftover food present in your kitchen pantry and refrigerator. Cook the remaining food according to your preferences and enjoy the recipe.
  • Encourage your family members to find the recipes for the leftover items and then have a great time with your family members in cooking and eating these items.
  • You should not forget to prepare food to eat on that day. While doing a lot of moving tasks, you would not find time to cook food. That is why it is recommended you already prepare some food as you will feel hungry in doing a lot of tasks. Most people forget to keep the food for moving day. Now, you should remember it while you pack the items to take along with you.
  • You can also consume it during a party that you can give to your friends in the joy of finding your new home. Throw a party for your friends and consume while having a great time with your loved ones.


When moving, you have fewer options to do with things like the toss, use up, give away, throw, donate, and at last pack to move these items with you.

First of all, you should sort out all the items that which you can take with you and what you can withstand the traveling long hours.

Pack those items only which are possible to eat and get rid of the rest of the items by donating or giving them to your neighbors.

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