Keeping Office 365 backups of critical data is an essential business continuity practice. Considering the many ways to lose data locally, businesses must use a comprehensive Office 365 backup to store data on the cloud.

But that begs the question, does keeping backups improve your company’s safety? In many regards, yes. We will expand on the topic by laying out precisely how Office 365 backups ensure safety and business continuity.

With all that said, let’s start.


Backups Protect Critical Data

Data protection through backups is one way to improve your company’s safety. Microsoft Office 365 offers plenty of applications for productivity and collaboration.

Applications like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive for business, Outlook, and many others are vital for taking your business to the next level.

So it makes sense to protect sensitive data by keeping backups. Microsoft offers multiple ways to backup data from commonly used Office applications.

For example, SharePoint Online is a specialized application for storing, sharing, and managing vital data.

Keeping backups of SharePoint Online sites ensures that accidental data deletion or malicious actors cannot compromise your business operations. Keep in mind that SharePoint Online sites can keep deleted data for 93 days.

Furthermore, Microsoft keeps backups of critical data on the cloud. Cloud backups eliminate the risk of storing backups locally.

Locally stored backups are at risk of hardware failure, internal threats, and natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Backups Allow Access to Lost Data

There are many ways to lose critical data. In an age where cyber attacks are regular, businesses must find ways to mitigate data loss.

In addition, the growing cyber threat issue forces companies to rethink how they go about digital security.

Companies of all sizes are targets of external threats. But to understand the severity of the problem, look at these five significant data incidents.

Then, imagine what would happen to your company in case of a significant data loss incident. The damages go beyond your comprehension.

Lost data equals lost revenue, to put it simply. So what better way to solve the problem than by keeping backups of critical information?

Keeping Office 365 backups protect your company in more than one way. Apart from being a safety mechanism, backups ensure business continuity by giving you the ability to access lost data at all times.

Backups Protect From Corporate Theft

What this tells us is that data can be compromised by internal as well as external security threats. Internal threats remove a company’s ability to act swiftly, as we rarely notice the actors. But when the data is gone, the company suffers the damages.

Keeping Office 365 backups of important information, such as customer data, will mitigate the potential damages suffered from corporate theft.

Backups Keep You Competitive

The last thing companies want is to be the headline news of a targeted attack. The moment external threats hit your company, the public loses trust in your ability to protect customers’ data.

One way to guarantee the safety of your customers is to keep backups. With comprehensive Office 365 backups, you mitigate the damages caused by hackers.

This doesn’t only take into account financial losses but damages in the form of reduced trust in the eyes of the public.

If you can guarantee the safety of your customers and their data, you maintain an advantage over your competitors.

Backups Cover Human Error

Data loss through external security threats is a daunting thought. But we also need to remember that employees aren’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and data loss through human error is another way to lose data.

Companies that use Office 365 give each employee an account. Considering the immense collaboration and data sharing features of Office 365 applications, it’s no surprise that accidental deletion is so common.

Suppose an employee deletes a vital document or adds an incorrect date to the wrong field. In that case, it could spark trouble for your company.

In addition, an employee might open an email containing a malicious link or software. If any of the above happens, keeping Office 365 backups is one way to protect your company’s safety.


Microsoft keeps backups on data centers and vouches for the safety and security of said backups. However, Microsoft isn’t a fully-fledged data storage solution.

Beyond the native backup and recovery features, Office 365 leaves data retention policy gaps that hackers can exploit in more than one way.

That’s precisely why you should go with a third-party backup solution powerful enough to guarantee data safety. These tools offer more ways to protect data. So, to summarize, Office 365 backup solutions will improve the safety of your company.

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