The majority of UPS Stores are closed on Sundays, however self-service UPS Drop Boxes are available at over 40,000 sites around the country 24 hours a day, every day. There are a few open stores, and the UPS website provides a list of them. However, a store that is open on Sunday should not be mistaken for a regular delivery day, as UPS does not make deliveries on Sundays.

UPS also has retail partnerships with Staples and Office Depot. If these alliance locations are open on Sunday, as the majority do, then so are their UPS hubs. The same is true for Mail Box Plus and other countrywide UPS-authorized mailing locations.

UPS Access Points, which are retail outlets linked with UPS that accept package delivery near a person’s home or workplace, may keep a package for a customer to pick up on Sunday if they are open.

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