When we think of good branding, we understand that it serves to build on your customer following, to build trust with your consumers and it connects your brand to quality, confidence, and authenticity.

As a business, building on your brand awareness is essential. After all, the more familiar your consumers are with your brand, the more likely they are to choose you over your competitors.

Brand awareness should be part of any business strategy and building a memorable brand can take years of consistent effort and carefully curated marketing.

But, branding isn’t just important for your bottom line and your revenue, it’s also important for your consumers.

And understanding this importance can help you harness a stronger approach to your future brand awareness campaigns and brand guidelines.

Here we’ll examine some interesting reasons why good branding is important to your consumers and why you should never overlook it.


The Best Brands Evoke Emotion and Memories

If something makes you feel good, you repeat the action. The same applies to branding.

When you’re in the supermarket looking for a fizzy drink, do you choose a generic brand or one that reminds you of fizzy treats at Grandma’s house when you were young?

You know the answer.

The best kind of brands evoke memories and emotions, so if your target consumer has a good experience with your company, they’re more likely to choose it in the future and even introduce it to others.

They Provide Peace of Mind

We all like to try new things, but we also take comfort in what we know and trust. And consumers will always edge towards the brand that they are accustomed to.

It saves disappointment and gives them peace of mind when they part with their hard-earned cash.

It Makes Shopping Faster!

We’re all leading busy lives and we don’t all have the luxury or the patience to scroll through thousands of search results or scour the supermarket shelves contemplating a new option.

When a brand is recognizable and your brand awareness campaigns are on point, you not only provide a good customer experience but also convenience.

Something which will bring consumers back to your products time and time again.

They Say Something About the Consumer

Some brands evoke a sense of status. Some brands scream quality and high-class, while others (depending on your point of view) say the opposite.

Some consumers take great pride in choosing a brand that defines who they are, which is why some people persistently choose branded supermarket products over generic own-brand versions.

Brand choice says something about the consumer and their identity for example, whether you’re an Apple phone user or a Samsung owner.

Some people choose to be associated with certain brands and labels and as a product owner, this is something you can capitalize on.

Final Thoughts…

Building strong brand awareness is essential for encouraging your target audience to choose you over your competitors. Reach out to bynder.com to find out more about brand awareness and brand guidelines.

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