Have you heard the word Autologous Fat Transfer? It is also known by various other names, like – Fat grafting and Fat injection.

This is a kind of plastic surgery process by which fat cells are transferred from areas like the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs to your face to make you look younger.

With age, our body goes into a reverse process. Our bones become weaker, hair loses its density and skin loses the glow along with wrinkles all over its surface.

But the area most affected and most visible is probably the face. Autologous Fat Transfer helps to give your face a younger look. For best results, you can choose https://www.cosmeticavenue.com.au/.

Are you also interested in this form of plastic surgery? Do you want to attain a younger looking skin and want to give Autologous Fat Transfer a chance? Then you need to know these 6 things about the process before you make any decision.


1. You Can Achieve Permanent Results

The results of your Autologous Fat Transfer can be permanent. But you will only come to know about the final results after the recovery is fully complete.

After taking the fat cells from your body areas like the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, the fat cells are transferred to your face.

But not all of these survive as most of the fat cells are mobilized and reabsorbed by the body. The gold standard approach gives the best possible results.

2. Only Healthy Patients Should Go for Fat Transfer Surgery

To be an eligible candidate for getting this surgery done, you have to be fit and have suffice fat on the other parts of the body from where you want the fat to be harvested from.

This part of the body which harvests fat cells is known as the “donor part”.

Healthy adults are found to be the most eligible for this surgery. Though in some cases, healthy younger patients can also get this surgery done.

3. The Different Types of Autologous Fat Transfer

Fat grafting is not just limited to the face. There are many different types of fat surgery you can have in order to get the required fat in other parts of your body.

Apart from the face, patients choose to get this surgery performed on their breasts and buttocks as well. These two are the most common parts of the body where people want to have ample amount of fat.

4. Autologous Fat Transfer Is Less Invasive Than Other Plastic Surgeries

Don’t get confused. Autologous Fat Transfer is a surgery too. But it is minor form of surgery which is relatively very less invasive than the other forms of surgery.

The other forms of surgery are harsh and cannot be performed on those with serious health conditions.

But Autologous Fat Transfer allows even those who are having some minor issues to change the way they look. The recovery time with this kind of surgery is also less than the others.

5. Some Side Effects That May Occur as a Result of This Surgery

If you thought Autologous Fat Transfer was devoid of any risks, you were wrong.

If it’s much less risky than the other options, it has its own risks that may occur due to hidden health issues and in case if the surgery doesn’t go well.

There may be a reaction to the anesthesia or you may experience some scarring. Other than that, the complications like the followings can happen:

  • Asymmetry
  • Damaged underlying structures
  • Infection
  • Shocking and poor results.

Besides, the cells that failed to survive during the transfer may cause fat and skin necrosis.

6. The Results Takes Time

While some patients are lucky enough to get their results immediately or just within a couple of days, some patients have to wait longer.

The final results are only visible after a few weeks when all the bruising is gone and the fat cells have successfully transferred to the new area.

Over to you…

After the full recovery, the results of Autologous Fat Transfer can show a fat survival rate ranging anywhere from 50-85%.  The results mostly depend on the surgeon, the operated area and recovery process.

I hope after realizing these 6 things about Autologous Fat Transfer, you can finalize your decision to get this surgery or not.

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