As you grow older, and you leave your backpack to gather dust in your attic space, you begin to seek out the finer things in life. You swap discomfort for comfort and a life on the move for a life in a more settled and relaxing environment.

Your travel packing follows suit: you’ll swap tie-dye for smart shirts and skirts, and you’ll no longer scrimp and save on some of the travel essentials that make spending time abroad so enjoyable.

First, you’ll change hitchhiking to bus travel, then decide to take the train or airplane. Finally, you will decide to hire luxury car. And there is no doubt that this choice will please you.

Included below are four of the key items – expensive, but well worth the price – that you should pack for your next luxury trip abroad.



Gone are the days in which you wear those cheap, flimsy sunglasses you bought on a beach in 2011. Now, with a more glamorous outlook and the desire to look truly stylish on our vacation, it’s time to look to designer brands for your sunglasses.

Whether you buy vintage – and shell out for older Ray-Bans – or you go for the ultra-modern and stylish brands of the present day, you shouldn’t save on your sunglasses. The more you spend, after all, the better case you’ll take on this travel essential.

Have a look at prescription sunglasses.


Traveling is, in itself, a glamorous thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re sat bleary-eyed in a departure hall, or sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand – you want to exude glamor, style, and confidence throughout your trip.

One way to look smart and professional wherever life takes you is with an elegant, designer suitcase. These bags – often costing hundreds of dollars – are built to last and to age elegantly.

Buy leather, as advised by Ask Men, to enjoy a timeless, stylish, and endlessly enjoyable bag to pack your travel items within.

Bathroom Kits

You may raise an eyebrow at this one – but your toiletries are a huge essential for travel and something that it’s well worth splashing out on for your future travels.

As going abroad has become more attractive a proposition – and more affordable, too – companies have come out with special, all-in-one travel wash kits for men and women alike.

Use the handy budget assistant from Cash Lady to break down the costs you’re willing to shoulder for this expensive but lifelong travel accessory and find the wash kit that best suits your needs and style for your trip abroad.


A list of travel essentials on the spectrum’s luxury end cannot conclude without looking at the clothing that you ought to purchase for traveling in style. That’s because excellent travel clothes are expensive – for men and women alike.

For men, the quintessential look for travel is the linen suit – often upwards of $300 to secure. For women, summery dresses are considered the most stylish option for travel and can be priced in the thousands of dollars for luxury brands.

These clothes will stay with you for life, dusted off for the next sojourn you take in a foreign land.

There you have it: four of the most expensive but luxurious travel items to include in your suitcase for your next adventure abroad.

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