Boho bedroom decor has gained popularity over the last few years for it’s unconventional and cozy style.

If you’re struggling with getting comfortable at night, boho bedroom decor might be the right way to go – with its many layers, textures, and artistic approach, it’s a great way to take a less structured, more intuitive approach.

If you’re looking to tap into your inner hipster and come up with a boho bedroom that’s perfect for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your bedroom with the comfy mattress and bedding so you can sleep better, or you’re simply trying to find some guidelines on boho bedroom decor, here are a couple of tricks you can try out to improve both:


Invest In A Cozy Sleep Set-Up

Boho bedroom decor is all about layering for comfort, and finding a cozy sleep set-up is integral to getting things right. Finding the best mattress you can for comfort is an important part of the process.

While most people are eager to get their bedroom looking great, getting it to feel great is a vital first step. To ensure you have the best mattress for your sleep, you need to begin with thinking about firmness.

If you’re someone who routinely struggles with body aches, then a hybrid is the best mattress to get so you can sleep better.

Hybrid mattresses have a support core that makes them the best mattresses on the market for pressure or pain relief. Keeping boho bedroom decor simple when it comes to mattresses is best. Since most boho bedding involves multiple layers and textures, you’ll also want to make sure you have a cooling mattress.

If you’re someone seeking a little more comfort in your sleep, on the other hand, memory foam may be the best mattress option for you.

The best mattresses made of memory foam have the right balance of comfort and support for you to get a great night’s sleep. They’re perfect for the cozy vibes most boho bedrooms seek to achieve.

Finding the best memory foam mattress for your boho bedroom should require a little bit of hunting. The best mattress companies are going to ensure you’re able to trial their products before committing to a purchase, so keep that in mind as you’re shopping.

Find The Best Lights For Your Space

If you’re convinced your bed isn’t the problem, then it’s time to move on to other parts of your room decor. Finding the right lighting for your boho bedroom is going to make a huge difference when it comes to the comfort of your space.

Boho bedrooms tend to make use of warmer, more diffused lighting, which is well in line with it’s cozy aesthetic. These paper lanterns are the perfect addition to any boho space, and can also ensure your body’s internal clock isn’t too confused by bright lights right before it’s time to wind down and go to bed.

Boho bedroom decor is the perfect opportunity to get really creative with lighting. A few types of light to stay away from include brighter white light, which can be too harsh and disturb your body’s sleep cycle, as well any neon or fluorescent light, which can be equally distracting as you’re trying to get to sleep.

Fairy lights strung around your bed or curtains also look great and create a real sense of coziness within the bedroom. If you prefer a lot of color in your room, try looking into getting a Morrocan lamp, with glasswork that turns your bedroom into a kaleidoscope of light and promotes a soothing night’s sleep.

Use Accessories To Increase Comfort

If you’re convinced you’ve found the best mattress for your sleep but still find yourself tossing and turning at night trying to get some rest, it’s time to turn to other sleep accessories. While they might not sound like much, the right faux-fur blanket or throw pillow can actually make your bed feel and look a lot more inviting.

Finding a great blanket that matches both your boho bedroom decor while keeping you comfortable isn’t hard. Seek textiles and prints that are colorful while still remaining cozy, and keep things looking as balanced as possible.

If you prefer a more muted palette for your space, you can decide to play with texture instead.

A faux fur blanket is the perfect example of this – the shaggy exterior of these styles often do well against linen or cotton sheets and help you get that much cozier as you’re warming up to rest.

Add Plants For More Balance

Plants are a staple of any good boho bedroom. Not only do plants make a great addition to the boho bedroom aesthetic, but they’re also the perfect choice if you’re looking to bring some positive energy and balance into your space.

Certain plants such as aloe, snake plants, and even have been shown to boost air circulation and have air purifying properties that make them great additions to your bedroom. Fair warning – if you are someone who struggles routinely with allergies and can be sensitive to pollen of any kind, it’s probably best to keep plants out of your bedroom.

If not, they’re well worth a try to add that extra boho touch with minimal effort.

When you’re on the lookout for boho bedroom decor that’s really going to make an impact in your space, trust your gut to make the right choices.

Your comfort should come first when it comes to picking out bedroom furniture that is really going to make all the difference.

And some of my favorite brands like Nolah, and their best 10-inch air foam mattress suits me best. That’s why find that sweet spot where you feel utmost comfort.

Whether that means finding the top-rated mattress you can for bedding that’s going to have multiple layers of patchwork and tassels or putting those green thumbs to work and getting a few different plants, making your room feel cozy is the best way to find yourself sleeping better than you have before. You’ll be left with a space that looks and feels wonderful in no time.

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