The prospect of installing a new roof is exhilarating. Roofing can be likened to the euphoria that comes with buying a new property. In addition to being the first protection of a house, a roof is one of the significant characteristics that define the overall architecture of a home.

A lot of people might not consider choosing a roof color a chore until they have to do it. Before the invention of asphalt shingles, roofs had limited colors, dark and dull colors. However, the coming of asphalt shingles gave rise to different textures and colors of a roof.

The act or chore of replacing a roof is on its own costly, and it could get more expensive with the roof color you choose for your house. Yes, different roof colors of the same roofing material might come at different prices, choose according to your budget.

Aside from the most important factor of choosing a roofing color, which is according to your budget, there are other factors that a homeowner should consider before choosing a roof color.

This article will point out the four most important factors to consider when choosing a roof color.

Four Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

  1. Heat retention: for some people, an attic will always be that place beneath your roof where you can store some properties, but for others, an attic may turn into a room for their teenage kid in the future. When choosing the color of your roof, you have to consider if your attic will still be turned to a bedroom or not. If it will be turned into a bedroom, then you have to choose a roof with a light color. According to laws of physics, bright colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light; this is also applicable in roofs. A light-colored roof will make your attic to be cool while a dark-colored roof will make your attic very hot on a sunny day. A well-installed roof should be able to save on energy bills. The color of a roof also aids the roof to help a homeowner to save on energy bills. People neglect this and other factors because of the style of their house or their roofing style. You are, however, advised to take this point seriously while choosing a roof color.
  2. The style of your house:the architecture or fashion of your home is a significant factor to consider while choosing the color for your roof. The style of your house may either be the traditional style or the modern style. The traditional style of building houses usually goes with red roofs, but roofs that are black or grey are more suitable for the contemporary style of housing. Remember that while choosing a roof color, have it in mind that the color of your roof may make or mar the overall view of your house. On that same note, permanent features like the bricks of your home should be considered while choosing a house color. A roof color that rhymes with the color of your house’s bricks is a good idea.
  3. Does that roof color last long?: most homeowners choose a roof color because the color looks flashy and all shiny at first look. Have you considered how that color will look ten years later? Unless you have in mind to change your roof as often as after every five years, you have to look at the lifespan of the roof color you want to choose. Ask a professional roofer if the color you have selected will stand the test of time. You should also ask the roof seller for a warranty or the shelf life of the color. You should also ask how that particular roof color fairs in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.
  4. Check the local building laws: do you know that every country or state has a particular roof color that they permit their citizens to use? Well, now, you know. Therefore, to avoid problems and fines in the future, ask your roofing contractor or an official for the roof color that is accepted in the region you reside in. Remember, however, that these laws differ in different places. Therefore, if your roofer isn’t located in your neighborhood, ask a roofer that is based in your area for the rules concerning roof colors.

In summary, homeowners are advised not to be carried away by the prospect of changing the look of their houses and end up choosing the wrong roof color. The factors, as mentioned above, should be critically considered before choosing a roof color.

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