Anthony Geary has never disclosed his sexual orientation or relationship status. Nonetheless, allegations have lingered for years that he had a long-term connection with actor Ron Glass. Geary and Glass have never commented on these rumours.

There are also claims that Geary had a long connection with celebrity photographer Jim Warren, although this claim is unsubstantiated and Geary has never addressed it. Elizabeth Taylor said in 2009 that she and Geary had a two-year relationship that began in 1981, when she appeared on General Hospital. In 2010, Geary verified these claims in conversations with Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams. Aside from this, he rarely mentions his personal life. Geary left “General Hospital” in 2015 after receiving eight Daytime Emmy awards for his 37-year performance as Luke Spencer, with intentions to retire to his home in Amsterdam.

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