While you always try to keep things in-house as a business, sometimes you need extra resources. Instead of hiring people, you can also start outsourcing. That can help you minimize costs while getting access to great, external talent. However, it’s imperative to figure out how to create an outsourcing agreement and ensure it’s valid. How can you do that? Here are some ideas.


Types of Outsourcing Agreements

You can have a time and materials agreement, where you set the hourly rate and the equipment used. In case you want to go with a long-term project that needs flexibility, this allows you to set prices accordingly. However, you can also go with a fixed-price contract, which can work if you have a quicker, less time-consuming agreement. Lastly, you can have a contract for dedicated teams, which can be great if you need long-term collaboration with the same team.

Establish the Level of Service

Whenever you create an outsourcing agreement, it’s extremely important to ensure you deliver a very good level of service. What’s extremely important here is to ensure that you determine all the services you need from the outsourcing company. You also want to determine how and when these services are provided.

Fees and Payments

It’s also a very good idea to ensure that all payments and purchases are showcased in the documents. That way, you never have to worry about fees changing. Everything is mentioned in the contract, something that can help improve the experience as much as possible.

Contract Length

Depending on the situation, contract lengths will vary. Ideally, you want to determine how much time you need their services for. Then you include that in the contract. These contracts must be very comprehensive, so having all that information helps.

Liabilities and Warranties

You need to integrate info regarding the scope of the contract, warranties, and any liabilities. Showcasing the responsibilities of the outsourcing company is crucial whenever you create such a contract, so keep that in mind.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Product ownership is very important, because you want to ensure you retain all the rights for the resulting work. The same thing is valid when it comes to intellectual property rights.
  • Data security needs to be outlined too. Ensure that you include all security info in the contract.
  • Include provisions for auditing and performance monitoring, and determine how often these need to take place.
  • Dispute resolution and how you will manage that will help enhance the process quite a bit.
  • Include how you will terminate or exit the contract, if necessary. In case you want to have any penalties for immediate termination from any party, you can add that too.

As you can see, an outsourcing agreement can be very comprehensive or more general, depending on your needs. It’s imperative to find an outsourcing business that you can trust, like Svitla company. That way, you have access to state-of-the-art solutions, immediate benefits, and a tremendous return on investment. We highly recommend creating a proper outsourcing agreement, because it can be a huge time-saver, and it can prevent any disputes down the line!

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