Kentucky might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of beach resorts because it is a landlocked state. Unbelievable as it may seem, wonderful beaches are nearby.

In this essay, we’ll explore more closely at Kentucky and the nearby ocean beaches. Read on if you want to find out more about the state’s rivers, lakes, and ocean beaches, all of which are reachable by automobile.


Kentucky, where is it?

Kentucky is a state in the eastern and central United States. From the western slope of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky can be traced. Kentucky has seven states as its borders, hence it is an island. It possesses an astounding amount of running water, second only to Alaska, despite being a landlocked region.

The state has big reservoirs, 12 significant river basins, and 45 significant lakes. Lake Malone, Wood Creek Lake, Crave Run Lake, and Lake Barkley are a few examples. Most surface water is found in lakes, wetlands, rivers, and streams. Famous rivers include the Levisa Fork, Green, Kentucky, and Cumberland. The largest man-made lake in Kentucky, Lake Cumberland, is located east of the Mississippi River.

Irmo Beach

It takes 586 miles to travel to Myrtle Beach in Horry County, South Carolina, from Lexington, Kentucky. To get there, it will take you about nine hours. 60 miles of beaches, 14 distinct neighbourhoods, and an astonishing 650 acres of arcades, gift shops, and restaurants await you when you get there.

Only a portion of the Grand Strand beach is present in Myrtle Beach, which is situated on the east coast and borders the Atlantic. The predominant climate is subtropical, and it is wonderful. The temperature is 77oF on average. The summertime temperature can reach the 90s, and the wintertime lows can reach the 30s. A great site to go beneath the surface and discover Myrtle Beach’s marine life is the Ripley’s Aquarium.

Isla Kiawah

From Myrtle Beach, go a few miles northeast to reach Kiawah Island. The closest beach to Kentucky is a well-known maritime ecosystem with ten miles of shoreline. The 10,000-acre barrier island also features a maritime forest that extends across it. The 564-mile journey to Kiawah island from Lexington, Kentucky, should take about nine hours.

This distinctive setting, which can be found in Charleston County, was formerly inhabited by the Kiawah people, an indigenous group. The majority of Kiawah is a gated enclave with restricted access for rental companies, property owners, and resort visitors. Its name is pronounced “KEY-uh-WAH.” To see more than 100 lagoons, a saltwater marsh, the Kiawah River, and multiple estuaries teeming with marine life, a road trip to Kiawah is worthwhile as an expedition.

Norfolk, Virginia

Navigate to Virginia Beach’s white sand beaches, which are located where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean converge. The 596-mile trip from Lexington, Kentucky, should take roughly nine hours. Its 500 square miles make it a significantly larger city than Manhattan or Washington, D.C. Along its 35 miles of shoreline, there are a variety of activities available, including billfishing and swimming with dolphins.

In actuality, Virginia Beach is a city that can be reached from North Carolina cities more quickly than from other Virginian cities. For more than 130 years, the popular 28-foot-wide Virginia Beach Boardwalk has been open to the public. Its mild winters and hot, muggy summers make it the largest city in the Hampton Roads region.

Beach Sandbridge

The 604-mile journey from Lexington to Sandbridge Beach should take about the same amount of time—nine hours. This five-mile refuge of beautiful dunes and water sports activities is 15 miles south of Virginia Beach’s oceanfront zone and is less congested than the experience of a white-sand beach. You are free to engage in any activity, including surfing, fishing, and kayaking.

The pier at Little Island Park is a great location on the outskirts of the city where you can witness seabirds resting by the pier and strolling along marshes. Overall, it is tranquil, unhurried, and accessible all year round.

Top Kentucky Freshwater Beaches

If you’re looking for a coastal break but don’t want to travel far, Kentucky has some amazing freshwater beaches where you can swim, snorkel, and make sand castles. Here are some of Kentucky’s best freshwater beaches, in our opinion.

Park near Lake Barkley State Resort

About three hours and 235 miles from Lexington, in Trigg County, you may locate Lake Barkley State Resort Park. The second-largest lake in Kentucky offers stunning lake views, sandy coastlines, and opportunities for water sports like bass fishing. An astounding 1,004 kilometres of shoreline surround Lake Barkley. Additionally, it is a reservoir that was built as a result of the Cumberland River’s Barkley Dam building project.

State Park at Lake Malone

Near Dunmor, Kentucky, is Lake Malone State Park. Its 788-acre lake and 338-acre park have sandstone cliffs, a stunning hardwood forest, and a rock bridge. With fishing boats and peculiar petroglyphs between 650 and 2,000 years old discovered in Newspaper Rock, Lake Malone is also a reservoir from Rocky Creek.

Park at Pennyrile Forest State Resort

Near Dawson Springs, Pennyrile Lake is visible from the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park. There are mountain bike paths, cruise paddle boats, and hiking excursions nearby. A diverse range of aquatic species, including bluegills, channel catfish, crappies, and largemouth bass, can be found at Pennyrile Lake.

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