The LR44 is an alkaline battery, whereas the 357 is a silver oxide battery. The 357 battery has a longer useful life and a more constant voltage level over time compared to the LR44 battery. Additionally, the 357 battery is more expensive than the LR44.

The 357 and LR44 batteries create power using distinct materials and chemical reactions. The silver oxide 357 battery outperforms the alkaline LR44 battery. Until its chemical energy is nearly depleted, the 357 battery maintains a voltage approximately 1.55 volts, after which the voltage drops drastically. Throughout the duration of its discharge, the LR44 alkaline cell’s voltage falls continually.

Although manufacturer-stated capacity ratings in milliampere-hours may appear more comparable, the 357 has almost double the usable capacity of the LR44. Even if extra electrochemical capacity remains, the LR44’s voltage may become too low to run a device due to its faster rate of voltage decrease.

The 357 and LR44 batteries are interchangeable for the majority of uses, although devices requiring a steady voltage, such as precision callipers and some watches, benefit from the 357’s constant voltage performance. Increased energy-demanding devices benefit from the 357’s greater usable capacity.

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